As testers and QA professionals, the ways we contribute to the success of our software delivery teams continually evolves. At the same time, we see new approaches to testing and building quality into software products. Last year, we heard many discussions about how testers and testing fit into DevOps and Continuous Delivery. We saw new ways to learn how people use our software products in production. Modern Testing principles are triggering debates.  

Joel Montvelisky from PractiTest and Lisa Crispin of mabl met up to talk about the challenges of leading changes in quality while organizations are focused on delivery speed and frequency. We welcome testers, test managers, developers, coaches and other team members passionate about quality to listen in on this discussion about how agile and DevOps teams can build a quality culture.

How Has Testing Changed?

Talking points:

  • What are the main changes we see in the role, the responsibilities, and the value provided by testers that switch to work on Agile and DevOps teams?
  • Is adopting modern testing principles the path testers are taking today? What is the future of testing?
  • Where do the test managers fit in? How can they help teams improve quality?
  • What is the most important message behind the DevTestOps manifesto to take home?
    ( serves as a guide for testers working in a DevOps culture)
  • What needs to happen for more companies to take a more modern or contemporary approach to testing?

Watch the recorded webinar below:


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