Rob Meaney who has short, dark hair and is wearing a striped shirt. He is Head of Testing at Glofox in Ireland. Rob is co-author, with Ash Winter, of the Team Guide to Software Testability. He’s currently Head of Testing at Glofox in Ireland. Rob works with teams to help improve the quality of their software products and processes while also having fun. He loves to help them tackle tough testing and software delivery problems. He’s especially interested in Quality Engineering, Test Coaching, Testability, and Testing in Production.

Rob a frequent speaker at international conferences and contributor to Ministry of Testing master classes and Power Hours. He’s the co-founder of the Ministry of Testing: Cork meetup group. His previous positions include Test Manager, Automation Architect, and Test Engineer with companies in diverse domains ranging from large multinational corporations to early-stage startups.

We're borrowing Rob's expertise and condensing it into a super packed 20-minute webinar to maximize your time.

What you'll learn

One definition of Operability is a measure of how well your software works when operating, and when highly operable, the software is easy to deploy, test, and query once in production.

In just 20-minutes, you'll get:

  • A perspective into Operability and how it can be an effective tool to manage risk in conjunction with testing

  • Some simple models and outline how you and your team can get started with Operability.

"When I started out in Software testing fifteen years ago we used to literally ship software on discs to our customers. A defect in Production had a huge associated cost and therefore it was seen as reasonable to spend weeks if not months testing prior to a release. Testing was the only tool we had in our risk management toolbox.

Today, with the adoption of Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices teams are capable of deploying changes multiple times a day. This presents a whole new set of challenges and risks, so how can we manage risk effectively in this fast-paced, complex new world?"

Want to find out? Watch the recording below.