Since mabl’s inception, we have been working hard to ensure teams can leverage the power of machine intelligence within their QA strategies. With proprietary algorithms rooted in AI, mabl detects changes within an application and auto-heals when the placement, xpath or order of elements change. Our machine intelligence has led to great successes - helping you create reliable tests, drastically reduce maintenance time, and ensure your test suites execute successfully again and again. 

But one topic that many fail to mention is the greater impact that machine intelligence can make when paired with human intelligence. That’s right - I’m saying that machines perform their best when directly influenced by the minds of humans. Humans have many “superpowers” that are intangible and invaluable - and can sometimes get lost in the sea of high technology. One group that I believe exudes such powers: QA experts on software development teams.


Powering tests with the user journey

Over the past year, I have spoken to many QA engineers, architects, team leads and manual testers. They all have one distinct superpower in common: they know the application and user journey better than anyone. And they have the critical intellect to pressure test their applications in ways that ensure high quality and in turn, positive customer experience. 

In order to make sure our users’ knowledge is leveraged and flexed throughout the software development lifecycle, we empower both machine and human intelligence to work in tandem within mabl. Instead of relying solely on mabl’s machine intelligence, you can add your knowledge and expertise directly into test creation - making your tests more powerful, intelligent and optimized to understand the true intention of the user. 

For example, when you train a test in mabl (especially on a page with lists and grids), there are often many similar elements present. To take out any guesswork, mabl will ask you to provide more context by indicating why you took a certain action, or selected a specific element. This additional information helps mabl understand the “why” of your test - what you truly intend as a QA expert. This approach drives up mabl’s execution confidence while lowering your time spent on test maintenance. 

A gif showing how to drive up mabl’s execution confidence while lowering your time spent on test maintenance.
The power of human and machine intelligence together is unparalleled. In the not-so-distant future, it will change the way we live, work and connect around the world. But for now, in 2020, it has begun to change the way we create and test software. And we hope you and your team stays ahead of the curve by leveraging both the superpower of AI and the superpower of your own mind with mabl.

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