Today, we’re proud to announce that mabl is being recognized by The Business Intelligence Group as a 2022 Best Place to Work. Though another trophy for our new office is always exciting, this win matters because employee feedback was the biggest factor in determining what organizations were recognized. It’s a moment to celebrate the dedication and thoughtfulness from all mablers that helped us transform from a small, Boston-based company to a rapidly growing startup with people all over the world.

As mabl’s cofounders, we’re grateful for the opportunity to create a space for people to do fulfilling work alongside colleagues they like and respect. We realize that fulfilling our mission depends on creating a supportive environment where everyone can grow their career, contribute to meaningful projects, and be their authentic selves. 

Celebrating Mabl’s Supportive, Driven Culture

As one of just 25 companies recognized globally, we’re grateful to each and every mabler that showcases our core values: drive, insight, support, and authenticity. Since 2020, we have adapted from an entirely office-based organization in Boston to one that includes team members in eight US states, five countries, and three continents. Though how we gather together for work has radically changed, this honor is another reinforcement that the mabl team embodied these values and supported each other through an unprecedented time. 

Fostering Authenticity and Mental Health at Work

Expanding how mabl supports a healthy workplace was essential for navigating this shift over the past two years. We began introducing and formalizing new ways to help employees nurture a company culture that allows them to bring their authentic selves to work. This included creating a working group to develop guidance for remote communication and promote a healthy work-life balance, increasing the number of company holidays, and hosting regular discussions around mental health in the workplace. As with every mabl initiative, the working group and mental health discussions are employee-led and open to everyone. These programs have enabled mabl to proactively initiate important conversations around mental health, psychological safety, and work-life balance, building a tight-knit culture which nurtures long-term employee happiness.

Moving From Early Stage to Scaling Stage

Last January, mabl celebrated its fifth birthday. It was an exciting moment for us, as we had recently raised our $40M Series C and were preparing to expand our test automation capabilities in 2022. But it was also an important time to reflect on how we help our people advance their careers.

We’re fortunate to have eight team members that have been with us for the entire journey, and 15 more that have been with us for over two years. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve had 16 new mablers join the team in the last 60 days alone, almost 50% of whom were referred by other employees. We’re proud that not only do people choose to stay at mabl for substantial periods of time, but also encourage their friends and colleagues to join the team!

Fostering growth for every mabler, regardless of tenure, is crucial to building a company where people want to work. To that end, we’ve continued to emphasize a culture of transparency and empowerment. Everyone understands what success means to our team and our investors, what our goals are, and what our product roadmap looks like. They’re able to lead projects across the organization that have a tangible impact on our customers and our team. For some, this is an opportunity to deepen their industry expertise. For others, it’s the chance to explore new career paths entirely, such as Customer Support Engineer Molly Exten, who recently became mabl’s first Technical Writer. Long-term mabler Damon Paul has also been able to carve a unique path through Quality Engineering, having started as a Solutions Engineer, moved to Customer Support, and is now transitioning into a full-time Quality Engineer. Damon has also taken on an extensive role championing DEI and mental health at work, leading discussions to ensure mabl is safe and inclusive for all.

Supporting individual employee growth is a key component of mabl’s continued success, and we’re proud to see how many talented, caring people are able to grow personally and professionally at our company.  

Driven to Grow, Together

Awards like the BI Best Places to Work Awards are an important part of building a positive, innovative culture at mabl. We’re grateful to the Business Intelligence Group, our esteemed investors, and most importantly, the mablers who shared their honest feedback on how we can continue to make this company great. Your dedication, support, authenticity, and insight are the foundation of this company. 

If you’re ready to join an award-winning team building the leading SaaS testing solution for Quality Engineering, then check out our Careers page! We’re hiring full-time remote or hybrid Boston-based roles across the organization.