Testing in 2018

2018 was one heck of a year for mabl! Though one of our 3 pillar values is Positivity, we sometimes focus on the negatives which can slow us down and burn us out. This blog is to help the mabl team remember the good we’ve accomplished this past year, and compile a list of the top content and features of 2018 for you, the reader! Please continue our journey with us into 2019 :)


The DevTestOps Manifesto:


DevOps is, as the name implies, a collaboration of Development and Operations team members. The fundamental premise of DevOps is to combine all those associated with delivering a software product into a unified, self-directed, and self-correcting team that follows agile as its work process.

The movement has grown to bring other disciplines into the fold. For example, there’s DevSecOps, which is the unification of Security with Development and Operations. DevSecOps came about because of the ever growing number of security hazards appearing on the digital landscapes. Organizations discovered that integrating security personnel into a work group at the beginning of a process not only reduces risk, but saves time and money too.

Clearly, unifying work groups toward a common goal is the way to go in modern software development. This is particularly relevant when it comes to testing. Comprehensive, continuous testing is critical for any successful software development process. Modern organizations understand this and are thus weaving testing into the fabric of their DevOps practice. The result is DevTestOps, the next generation of the practice.

You can read the e-book here outlining how we came to the principles of the manifesto, and how those principles should be applied: https://www.mabl.com/blog/the-road-to-devtestops

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Top Features

Reusable Flows

Common sequences of steps can be bundled into reusable flows, which can then be inserted into any journey. Flows are always up to date; any changes to the base flow will automatically be propagated to all journeys containing that flow. A journey can be composed with any number of primary (non-reusable) steps and reusable flows.

Data-Driven Testing

In test automation, there are often cases where you might have multiple data sets for which you need to run the same tests on. This approach has been described with several names, including data-driven testing, parameterized testing, or table-driven testing. In mabl, we call it data-driven testing, or DDT. This is the process of loading data that is external to your functional tests to strengthen and extend your automated test cases. It is now possible to create journeys that you then parameterize to run across several different inputs.

Visual Refresh

We put a lot of work into redesigning the user interface to make it “prettier” and more efficient, but also to deliver a more delightful user experience.



It’s a bright, clean UI, but of course, we couldn’t leave out those late-night eyes, so we introduced a new Dark Mode as well:


We're incredibly honored that the mabl product has received recognition in the testing and software community. It surely fires us up to continue delivering a better testing experience for all in 2019!


Gold Stevie Award
Best New Product or Service of the Year in Software Development Solutions

The International Business Awards are one of the world’s premier business awards programs, open to all individuals and organizations worldwide - public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. The 2018 IBAs received entries from 74 nations and territories.

Bostinno's Coolest Companies Winner
Reader's Choice

Bostinno focuses on Boston-based startups and new tech projects happening in the Boston area and, with their signature yearly coolest companies competition, celebrates those companies with the best perks and those who give back to the community.

European Software Testing Awards 2018
KPMG Most Innovative Project Finalist

The European Software Testing Awards celebrate companies and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements in the software testing and quality assurance market.

We deeply thank our readers and our users for a fantastic 2018! What do you want from codeless automation in 2019? Tweet it to us!