Quality is the eyes of the customer. Whatever their definition of a delightful user experience is, that should be the standard for your quality engineering team. At mabl, we’re continually working to introduce automated testing and reporting capabilities that enable your organization to refine and expand your testing strategy in ways that improve the customer experience. Our latest enhancement to this mission: cross browser testing support for Microsoft Edge. This new capability enables quality teams to expand test coverage across critical user journeys and tailor their testing strategy to match the real-world needs of their customers. 

Ensuring Quality Experiences for Enterprise Users

The deprecation of Internet Explorer earlier this year cemented the importance of Edge support for enterprise users, particularly those in industries like insurance, banking, and enterprise software. If your company needs to support customers in these highly advanced sectors, maintaining high-quality experiences on Edge will be imperative for the long-term. With mabl, your quality team can now expand test coverage across those critical user experiences with low-code, intelligent testing.

Accelerate Product Velocity Without Sacrificing Quality

Cross browser testing is one of the most critical, and most challenging, aspects of a thorough test automation strategy that accurately reflects the needs of your users. Though applications and websites can look very different across Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, scaling testing across every browser can be time consuming for quality teams. Test automation helps tackle this challenge, but even running consecutive automated tests across multiple browsers can slow quality teams down. 

With mabl, you can run cross browser tests in sequence or run unlimited parallel tests across browsers for fast feedback and infinite scale. For even faster testing, mabl also allows your testing team to create a single test that works across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. No need to dedicate testing resources iterating the same tests across every browser used by your customers. Regardless of what browsers your customers trust to find your website or application, your team can quickly scale test coverage for high-quality experiences. 

Simple, Scalable Cross Browser Testing for Delightful User Experiences

Cross browser testing for Edge harnesses the same powerful suite of mabl features designed to enhance the expertise of your quality team. Coupled with other recent releases including Shadow DOM support, Intelligent Wait, and automated accessibility checks, support for Microsoft Edge further delivers on the benefits of mabl’s unified platform for test automation. 

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