Today was four years in the making.  

In 2017, we launched mabl with a mission to help software teams innovate faster with higher quality by improving quality assurance. The first step was making it easy to achieve and maintain effective end-to-end test coverage. Today, hundreds of world-class organizations and thousands of forward-thinking QA professionals in nearly 100 countries rely on mabl as the core end-to-end test automation solution for their web-based applications. 

To our users - our “Friends of mabl” - thank you! We value your trust, support, and feedback. And we love to hear you talk about how mabl’s low-code approach, cloud-based delivery, auto-healing, and fantastic customer support have helped you improve quality and coverage while reducing the time that you spend regression testing. 

Enabling you to achieve meaningful results has and will continue to be “job #1.” Today marks the beginning of the next stage of that mission. In this stage, we’ll make it easier for you to expand your focus from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering. We’ll continue to help you improve test coverage for your web UI and also for APIs, mobile and otherwise. We’ll help you shift-left as you embed quality throughout your application lifecycle. We’ll support you in using data to improve quality: broadening focus from core functional testing to validation of non-functional requirements such as performance, accessibility, and visual quality.

Native desktop application for test automation

Today, we’re kicking off that next stage with three exciting product announcements: a desktop application, end-to-end API testing, and mobile web testing.

Currently in beta, the desktop application will help you improve automated test coverage with even less effort in several ways:

  • It provides a unified, intuitive interface for creating, editing, running, and managing automated tests--no more switching between a web application, command line interface, and Chrome Extension. 
  • It helps you maintain a pristine local setup for authoring and editing tests, avoiding issues created by saved cookies and sessions, reducing inconsistencies between local testing and cloud testing.
  • It provides direct access to the local runner, which provides both headful and headless browser support, and executes tests up to five times faster than the Chrome Extension.

The desktop app also mitigates many of the security concerns and technical complexity involved in automating tests using Chrome Extensions. This new interface will help you achieve more reliable test coverage faster than ever. It is the foundation upon which we’ll build new capabilities to help you validate more of your customer experience.

Automate end-to-end API tests

We’re also announcing support for end-to-end API testing. Currently free while in beta, this powerful feature enables you to create and execute end-to-end API tests alongside browser tests with unified scheduling, reporting, and shared integration with popular DevOps tools such as GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Jira, Postman and more. As with mabl’s browser tests, API tests are low-code, so no programming experience is required. 

Since many of your teams use Postman for API development, mabl now also supports import and export of Postman collections. Ultimately, this will help you expand API test coverage and engage more team members in optimizing API quality. 

Automate tests for mobile web 

Finally, with today’s release of mobile web testing, you can reduce the number of defects that make it to production by ensuring that code changes don’t break core functionality for people who access your application via mobile web browsers. Using the desktop app, you can specify a target mobile device profile when you create a test and set your mabl plans to run the same test across numerous mobile profiles in parallel, allowing you to dramatically improve your responsive test coverage in just a couple clicks.

More to come!

Taken together, the new desktop app, end-to-end API testing, and mobile web testing will help you achieve effective automated test coverage across your application while freeing your team up to focus on higher level quality initiatives. These new capabilities all contribute to a unified solution; and in the months ahead, we’ll double down on providing one, easy-to-use platform for quality engineering. Look for more news on that front soon. 

Thank you again for being part of the journey. We hope you are as excited about these new capabilities as we are! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

You can try the new desktop app with API and mobile web testing by signing up for a free trial