Today is one of our favorite days at mabl: International Tester’s Day! It’s a time to celebrate the critical work of software testers around the world and commemorate the discovery of the first software bug by Dr. Grace Hopper. 
The 1947 log book entry documenting the first software bug

Unsurprisingly, mablers are incredibly passionate about software testing and its impact on DevOps adoption, product quality, and the customer experience. We show up to work each day excited to help development teams transform how they build quality software with better testing, and that passion manifests in our product innovation, events, and resources we develop for the testing community. To celebrate the exciting world of software testing and recognize the growing importance of testers, we asked mablers why they’re passionate about building the future of quality. 

Why Mablers Are Passionate About Software Testing

Testing is the rare part of building products that doesn’t force you to make tradeoffs. It’s like sleep: the more you do it, the better things are across the board. New features are shipped faster, yet development teams are happier, customers are happier, and costs decrease. Software testers are doing this incredibly impactful work that empowers everyone to do their best. 

- Dan Belcher, Co-founder

With almost 30 years of experience in software testing, I’ve seen how critical testing is for both the end-user and the entire development team. When I started my career in QA for financial services and the healthcare IT industry, bugs had a real cost to our customers. A successful testing strategy meant that families could meet their financial goals and that patients had better healthcare. 

On the development side, I also saw how a lack of investment in testing led to burnout and decreased employee satisfaction for QA teams. I love how mabl makes it easier for more people to throw on their tester’s hat and contribute to the overall quality effort. Seeing how we can make people excited about testing only reaffirms my passion for this field. 

- Troy Carter, Quality Engineer 

Effective testing practices have such a wide-ranging impact on development. Good tests help me code and debug faster, useful documentation improves team collaboration, and the overall impact is faster innovation with more confidence. Having that level of impact is truly exciting as an engineer. 

- Lauren Clayberg, Software Engineer

I love software testing because it reminds me of my love for puzzles. The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of testing is informed by how our users interact with our applications, but how we translate that into a quality test or test automation strategy takes creative thinking. There’s nothing more satisfying than the ‘eureka!’ moment when you create a test that’s deterministic, validates our core use case, and of course, passes on the first run. 

- Andrew Horgan, Solutions Engineer

Better testing unleashes faster innovation. As a former quality engineer and product manager, I love being able to connect the dots between how we build products and how customers use them. My first priority is delivering great user experiences in the most efficient way possible, and software testing is absolutely essential for that. 

- Krista King, Product Manager 

Better software testing makes people happy! As a former software engineer, I see how much time and effort can be saved with better testing, and I’m so excited to see how our users in Japan can focus more on quality. When quality teams don’t have to spend all of their time on manual testing, everyone benefits from increased productivity. 




- Shohei “Odasho” Oda, Quality Advocate and Product Marketer

I love solving complex problems, and software testing is this essential thing that poses many challenges for development teams. It’s inspiring to see how mabl users can harness our platform to build exceptional user experiences that are inclusive, high-performing, and make a real difference in people’s lives. 

- Juliette MacPhail, Product Manager

Software testing is what makes software development human. Testers have to balance empathy with analytical thinking in order to understand how a new user will experience the product, especially the challenges that could frustrate them. The field lives at the intersection of problem solving and building products, and it’s really satisfying to see how your work makes the product better for the user. 

- Sam McCall, Solutions Engineer

Empowering Quality Professionals to Extend the Reach of Software Testing

Software testers are often the unsung heroes of software development (who remembers the bugs that didn’t make it to production?), but their work is only growing in importance as DevOps, AI, and cloud disrupt how we build new innovations. Thank you to the quality professionals around the world who dedicate themselves to ensuring that software development organizations can deliver new products faster and with fewer bugs. Happy International Testers’ Day! 

Join us for two days of celebrating the quality community at mabl Experience. Whether you attend virtually or in-person in Boston, you’ll be able to connect with passionate quality leaders from around the world to explore the future of our field. Save your seat!