Software development is always evolving, having gone through Waterfall, Agile, and now DevOps. We committed to manifestos and revered slogans like "move fast and break things," lifting the stop-gates in production. But, after a few years of achieving speed and agility, the pendulum is on its backswing with testing and security in the front seat.

New terms like DevSecOps and DevTestOps are in, and to be honest, we're all still learning what these terms really mean to the industry. 

That's why we're conducting a survey to see what the landscape primed for DevTestOps looks like. How much software testing is the industry conducting? How much of it are they automating? How is it affecting their bottom line? We want to know the answers to these questions, and we think it would benefit the whole industry to understand the beast that we're throwing "DevTestOps" at like a bucket of water to a fire.

Take part in the survey if you are working on a software team - developer, tester, project or product manager alike. There are only 25 multiple choice questions and it should only take 6 minutes to complete. 

Leave your name and email at the very end if you want to receive a report of the results once they're compiled!