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Last week was the fourth edition of mabl Experience: the software quality conference. As always, I was amazed by the enthusiasm of the quality community as we gathered to share knowledge, investigate new technologies, and build connections. As we recover from two jam-packed days of panel discussions, industry sessions, and keynote speeches, I’d like to reflect on the achievements of this community as we reach for innovation with quality roots. 

Rooted in Quality, Growing Our Community

Mabl Experience 2023 was another conference for the record books, with over 1300 quality professionals, developers, and executives from over 70 countries attending virtually and in Boston. 

First, thank you to our 39 speakers, who contributed their time and expertise across 26 sessions. Their insights are what make mabl Experience the must-see event for anyone invested in software quality. This year’s impressive lineup included industry-leading companies from around the world, including Microsoft, Barracuda, Credora, Chorus Innovations, SmugMug, and TrustCloud, among many others. 

I’d also like to thank our sponsors, who made mabl Experience possible and contributed valuable sessions on leveraging DORA metrics, fostering innovation across engineering organizations, upskilling your team, and making the tech industry better through inclusivity. 

mabl Experience 2023 was sponsored by Google, Atlassian, GitLab, and Abstracta

Reaching for Innovation with Quality 

From mabl co-founder Dan Belcher to iCIMS Senior Director of Engineering Abuzar Amini, to Barracuda Director of Software QA Gayathri Krishnan and Community Brands Director of Research and Development Douglas Kirby, this year’s mabl Experience was filled with exciting insights from teams at the cutting edge of software quality. Though AI was a hot topic, the larger conversation focused on how quality teams can empower their companies to navigate digital transformation, increasingly online consumers, and development disruptions like DevOps, cloud, and automation. 

Across 39 speakers representing everything from fast-growing startups to global conglomerates, one theme became clear: easier test automation is unleashing new levels of innovation and collaboration. 

One quality engineering leader at a Fortune 300 hospitality company noted that once test automation became seamless, it was easier to get their team invested in quality as a whole. They explained: “Getting people excited about testing was a true challenge...then we had to deal with the logistical issues. Now, I can push a button and all the boring parts of my job are done. Our people went from worrying about their jobs to tackling harder problems and increasing their impact."

The ability to extend the reach of quality with an effective test automation strategy comes with financial and operational benefits, with many speakers detailing how they are able to quantify their impact for more stakeholders within their organizations. One quality leader from a Fortune 20 technology company shared that the growing impact of software testing was reaching the C-suite, observing that: “When you add the costs of everything - infrastructure, engineering hours, etc - we get a jarringly large number, and that speaks volumes about the value of testing to leadership.”

Powering Your Quality Journey with a Unified Test Automation Platform

Our mission to unleash innovation with quality doesn’t stop here. Mabl has already announced three major test automation milestones to empower your team as you embrace continuous testing, democratize test automation, and adopt non-functional testing for better customer experiences: 

  • Generative AI-powered autohealing: supercharges mabl's autohealing capability with the power of LLMs to comprehend the context and purpose of each element. This capability enables your organization unlock higher productivity and agility as test maintenance is reduced by 95%. 
  • Browser load testing: breaks the barriers to high-effort performance testing by allowing your team to reuse low-code browser and API tests as performance tests. You can ensure that app performance is based on actual user experiences, including user flow duration and Core Web Vitals. Mabl’s cloud-powered unified platform means there’s no infrastructure to maintain, on-demand scalability, and real-time actionable insights.
  • Mobile testing: currently in private beta, mabl’s mobile testing capabilities mark a significant leap forward in achieving comprehensive and reliable automated test coverage for Android and iOS apps. Technical and non-technical users can create tests 10x faster, run tests across multiple virtual and real devices in-parallel with no devices to manage. Your company will benefit from a consolidated approach to web, API, and mobile testing with the same platform that minimizes quality gaps and silos.

Reaching for Quality in 2024 and Beyond!

Join our community of quality leaders, developers, and executives in 2024 and beyond as we harness the power of AI, test automation, and cloud. Thank you to everyone who made mabl Experience 2023 the must-see event in software quality, and be sure to join us next year at mabl Experience 2024! 

If you missed any of the action at mabl Experience, don’t worry, recordings will be available soon! Stay tuned to our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest updates.