I’m honored to lead mabl’s Customer Support (known as Technical Support Engineering or TSE), a group of driven, supportive, and authentic people whose work is at the heart of mabl’s engineering and product development team. If you’ve used mabl for any length of time, whether as a customer or trial user, you’ve likely interacted with this small-but-mighty team as you started and scaled your low-code automated testing strategy. Our work is a critical bridge between you, our passionate user community, and the dedicated mabl engineering team as we work to build the future of software quality.

Today, I’m delighted to share that the hard work of the TSE team has been recognized by the experts at the Business Intelligence Group, who have honored mabl with a 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award!

Living Mabl’s Core Values and Delivering Value to Our Customer Community 

First, congratulations to the mabl TSE team! In addition to myself, this talented, thoughtful group includes mablers across the US and around the world: 

  • Jose Castaneda 
  • Ketan Katyare
  • Justin McClellan
  • Rajat Patil
  • Ben Raub 
  • Pratish Singh 
  • Nour Singh 
  • Ryan Truman 
  • Joseph Witzke

This award recognizes our commitment to our customers and the quality community. Every week, the TSE team shows up to answer your toughest questions, tackle your toughest testing challenges, and ultimately empower you to improve quality at your organization. I’m proud to share that this dedication has resulted in some remarkable results: 

  • 98.8% customer satisfaction
  • An average response time of 2:43 for our first reply (with 8,406 tickets submitted in 2023!)
  • 71% of chats result in an issue being resolved, with an average chat length of 33.5 minutes 
  • Japanese and English language support availability

Considering that we’re a team of 10 supporting a global community of thousands of quality professionals, these numbers are outstanding. Mabl customers can partner with us knowing that they’ll have responsive, thoughtful support from a team of experts.  

Empowering Quality Teams With Real-World Experience and Technical Expertise

Mabl’s Technical Support team operates differently from most support organizations. Starting with those enrolled in a 14-day free trial, we work with our users from the earliest stages of their mabl implementation to mature and expansive use cases. We often dive into customer-written code directly and leverage JavaScript snippets to test loaded pages or API requests, tackling technical problems head-on to quickly find solutions for our customer community. 

To succeed in this mission, TSE consistently works to expand our technical skills and expertise. Many team members are former quality engineers, leveraging years of field experience to help our users improve their software testing strategies for better quality and faster deployments. We’re experts in all things low-code test automation, software testing best practices, and mabl, which means our customers have access to advisors who are responsive, technical, and engaged. Beyond understanding how mabl’s unified test automation platform, Technical Support Engineers understand user testing goals within the context of broader quality and development needs.

Congratulations to the mabl Technical Support Team!

The level of support, drive, and insight needed to deliver world-class technical support to quality teams - in multiple languages, no less - around the world is extremely high, yet mabl’s Technical Support Engineers do so with speed and grace. Congratulations to the mabl TSE team on earning their 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award from the Business Intelligence Group!