Let’s start with the obvious first, we’ve all been dealing with a world-wide crisis that undoubtedly is affecting each of us individually and in a very personal way. While we continue to work through these uncharted waters, we can’t help but look forward to opportunities to connect with our community even if it’s through a virtual experience. That’s one of the reasons we’re excited to be participating in the Atlassian Remote Summit later this week!

We had been looking forward to heading out to Las Vegas to showcase the latest and greatest in our mabl booth. While we’re dreaming of the next time we can get out there to meet some great people, eat some great food, and play a chip or two - we’ll do the next best thing by sharing our news with you here. 

A laptop on a small, elevated table with white bar stools on a blue rug. There is white shelving to the left.

In case you were wondering what our booth would have looked like.
Sharp, don’t you think?

For today and the rest of this week we have some fantastic updates in store. We’ll be publishing a new post each day to let you know about each of the ways you can integrate automated testing into a variety of Atlassian tools like Jira, BitBucket and Bamboo. You’ll learn more about how you can remove the QA bottleneck and accelerate product development timelines without sacrificing quality.

So, be sure to check in each day this week to see the latest news. We hosting a live AMA with Anton Hristov and James Baldessari from our product team. They answered your questions about the integrations and anything else you wanted to cover. Get the details and watch the AMA here. In the meantime, stay well and reach out if you'd like to talk about how we can help you deliver high quality web apps. 

Watch now:
A screenshot of a video of a webinar called Continuous Testing with mabl and Atlassian. It has a play button in the center.