The mabl Trainer Chrome extension will officially sunset next Wednesday. As we usher in a new era of quality engineering with our native desktop app, here’s a quick refresher on how to keep authoring automated tests in mabl.

Install the Desktop App

Mabl’s desktop app is a powerful evolution of the Chrome extension. It’s a unified, secure platform that helps you manage your workspace as well as create, edit, and run tests directly from the app. With no strict system requirements, it’s extremely easy to install and integrate seamlessly into your workflow on the latest version of your machine’s operating system. For more information on installation and system requirements, read our quick guide

Experience Intelligent Test Automation with mabl 

With the desktop app, you have an intuitive interface that makes test creation and management effortless for anyone on your team. In addition to creating tests with our low-code UI, you can  run them locally and receive feedback on new or changed tests faster than ever before. Since you don’t have to switch between a web application, a command line interface, and a Chrome extension, validating your customer experiences has never been easier. However, it’s the app’s dedicated resources that truly set it apart from the Chrome extension: the browser launched by the desktop app to train a test no longer competes with other tabs or windows on your machine. It launches as a separate entity with its own resources and will not interact with other browser windows on your machine. 

Most importantly, the desktop app allows anyone on your team to run API tests, cross browser tests, mobile web tests, and more in a single seamless experience. Your team can make your automated testing strategy more efficient even as you expand testing to better reflect the customer experience

Streamline Your Automated Test Creation

In addition to its improved functionality, the desktop app is packed with a slew of benefits that improve your mabl test automation experience. The mabl trainer is now a separate window within the app that can be resized and moved independently from the browser window. This handy feature increases real estate when training tests while also preventing the trainer from blocking the browser. Finally, all training sessions in the desktop app occur in stateless browsers. This means that cookies and browser state won’t disrupt your training sessions, as they closely align with the browser state when a test is run in the cloud.

Troubleshoot with Support

If you need additional support or to learn more about how the Chrome extension sunset plan affects your team and workflow, please reach out to our customer support team via the in-app chat. Existing mabl users can also reach out to their Customer Success Manager. We’re looking forward to releasing new and exciting features in the desktop app that continue to improve your quality engineering journey in 2022. 

Not a mabl customer? Try the desktop app’s new and improved test automation experience with mabl’s 14-day free trial.