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Why mabl?

Future-Proof Quality with the AI-Native Test Automation Platform

  • AI-Powered Test Automation: Accelerate test creation, boost coverage, and minimize maintenance with multiple AI technologies, including generative AI.
  • Unified, Cloud-Native Platform: Achieve comprehensive quality across web, mobile, API, accessibility, and performance with unparalleled efficiency and reusability.
  • Low-Code First: Democratize test automation with low-code ease for business users, full code for developers, and AI assistance for everyone. Achieve software excellence together.

Unmatched Test Repurposing

  • Efficient Asset Reuse: Across web, mobile and APIs, for functional and non-functional testing, the mabl platform was built from the ground up for repurposability of test assets, delivering disproportionate gains in efficiency and maintainability.
  • Breaking Silos: Whether it's breaking down the traditional divide between functional and performance testing teams or enabling cross-functional teams to seamlessly reuse browser functional tests created by another, mabl empowers your organization to work harmoniously, driving efficiency and collaboration to unprecedented heights. 

True End-to-End Quality and Insights

  • Holistic Quality Assurance: Encompassing functional to non-functional testing, mabl test suites allow combining multiple test types to provide holistic coverage for the entire customer journey. Tests can navigate the entire user journey from web to mobile, including calls to third-party or consumer APIs, checking the content and timeliness of emails, ensuring PDFs include the correct information, and at the same time assessing the performance, accessibility, and visual aspects of the whole journey.
  • Big Picture Insights: And with unified reporting and insights, mabl can highlight deep insight connections only possible because mabl test suites cover all functional and non-functional aspects of your user experience.

Unified Framework, Built on Open Source

  • Overhead-Free Framework: Built on Playwright, Appium, and Postman, mabl eliminates all the overhead of building and maintaining individual test automation frameworks, minimizing the load on developers so they can focus on code that matters to customers.
  • Complementing Open Source: And with mabl’s ability to combine all tests into one and extend its low-code interface with code flexibility, teams can easily complement what can be achieved with Playwright, Appium, or Postman alone.

Faster Time-To-Value

  • Intuitive User Interface: Users rave about mabl's ease of use. With a seamless and powerful experience for all teams, mabl streamlines onboarding, enabling teams to get up and running quickly with a zero-day deployment, and achieve a unique perspective on all aspects of software quality through a single-pane-of-glass.
  • Flexible Pricing Model: mabl's packaging and pricing model allow customers to pay once and share mabl across all capabilities including UI, API, accessibility, and performance testing, allowing teams to scale and adapt their testing strategy according to their needs without worrying about restrictive or punitive cost structures.

Loyal Team, Thriving Community

  • Success Partnership: mabl partners with your team to ensure the success of your quality initiatives with unwavering support from our customer success team.
  • Community, Education, and Connection: You’ll also gain access to our thriving user community through the Friend of mabl Slack group, unlimited access to mabl University and our Quality Engineering Certification program, and join us at the annual mabl Experience Quality Conference to exchange knowledge, learn advanced techniques, and connect with other quality leaders in person.

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Success Stories →
Gregory Goldshteyn
Manager, Quality Assurance

"Mabl delivers powerful, automated mobile app testing with easy CI/CD integration for high-quality iOS and Android experiences. It's evolving into a truly unified platform for web, API, and mobile end-to-end testing."

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Dale Cook
VP of Product Engineering

“Mabl easily integrates with our workflows and CI/CD pipelines so that developers can run really robust tests without using a lot of engineering resources.”

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Adeeb Valiulla
Head of Product Quality Assurance

"We went from 10% to 95% test automation coverage with 3 QAs and 5 developers. Our team is working with greater confidence and our customers are even happier."

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Janet Bracewell
Senior Engineering Manager, QA

"Mabl allows our team to focus on improving our product and user experience. The fast, consistent execution has been instrumental in showing the value of testing."

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Samar Khan
VP Software Development and DevOps

"Using traditional automation tools like Selenium would have taken 2 years and $240K to accomplish what ITS did with mabl in just 4 months at 80% cost savings."

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Gary Gann
VP and Domain Owner for Loss Sensitive IT

"Mabl lets us accomplish in hours what we used to do in 2 weeks. Our team is increasing velocity with higher quality and providing more value to the business."

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Aniket Sonwalker
QA Manager for R&D

“My team started using mabl effectively in 6 weeks versus months with a traditional tool. They can easily maintain tests and our output has doubled as a result.”

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Meghan Elledge
Director of Engineering

“It’s about using automation to let people do their best work. Mabl helps more of our people play an active role in testing and think about higher value things.”

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Pradgnya Kulkarni
Director of QA Engineering

“With mabl, my team can scale testing when we need it most. We can run as many tests as needed in parallel without worrying about managing infrastructure.”

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Justin Basque
Engineering Leader

"mabl helps us get out of the old style of Selenium... and distribute the load of authoring tests to the entire team"

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