Mabl’s automated testing platform simplifies and supercharges the entire lifecycle of an automated test, from low-code test creation to detailed results that make it easier to find and fix defects. By elevating testing to a collaborative, continuous process, mabl makes it possible to build richer, more inclusive digital experiences faster and with confidence. Today, we’re excited to share our latest milestone: CSS assertions and soft assertions. 

Increase Automated Testing Value with More Flexible Execution Options 

Our updated soft assertions introduce more detailed options for managing assertion failures. Rather than choosing between “fail immediately” or “fail with warning,” mabl users can designate tests as “fail at end of test,” which ensures that every test step is completed, regardless of when the assertion failed. Cloud-based tests with failed assertions will have a detailed list of failed steps in the Test Output page for easy investigating. 

This new option enables quality teams to add greater flexibility to their software testing strategies and extract more data from functional and non-functional assertions, elevating the value of testing while supporting faster development cycles. 

CSS Assertions Enhance Cross Browser Testing 

The new execution options complement expanded assertion capabilities. Mabl customers and trial participants can now assert against CSS elements as part of their end-to-end tests. 

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that’s used to edit HTML web components, including color, font, and layout features like borders. Since CSS can be used to create rulesets, it’s particularly useful when creating consistent, beautiful customer experiences at scale. 

The addition of CSS assertions in mabl now enables quality teams to assert on both HTML and CSS, introducing richer controls over the visual aspects of their application. Quality teams can validate that their website is rendering the proper fonts, colors, and other styles as part of their cross browser testing, scaling quality across a critical part of the user experience with minimal effort. 

In conjunction with the new options for soft assertions, CSS assertions can be used to check important non-functional aspects of quality like brand and accessibility.

Empowering Software Teams to Maximize the Value of Testing 

Combining soft assertions and CSS assertions with accessibility checks is just one way mabl’s test automation platform helps software teams get more value from their automated testing strategies. By unifying testing into a low-code platform that unlocks quality engineering, mabl helps enterprises break down critical silos for scalable testing at the speed of DevOps. 

Soft assertions and CSS assertions are now in general access for both mabl customers and free trial participants. Start enhancing your automated testing strategy today by logging into your mabl workspace or registering for a free 14-day trial.