This week in the United States we will celebrate Thanksgiving, a day for many of us to gather with friends and family, share a meal, and take the time to reflect and be thankful for what we have. Thinking back on the last year with mabl, we are so grateful for the people that are part of this growing community - our customers, partners, investors, and last but certainly not least, our employees. 

The World has Changed

It goes without saying, last year (2020) was tough. We were optimistic about what this year had in store and it exceeded our expectations. We are grateful for all of the work our healthcare professionals and frontline workers endured to help us get back to doing the things we love to do and helping us stay safe despite the pandemic carrying on.

One of those things is getting our team together in person for our first-ever team offsite. For many mablers, the offsite was one of their first opportunities to meet their teammates face-to-face after a long year of fully remote work. It was our chance to celebrate our wins and build camaraderie as we look toward growing the team in 2022. 

Grateful for our Friends of mabl

Mabl’s mission - to be the easiest low-code test automation solution - isn’t an easy one. The continued support and feedback from the Friends of mabl is an essential part of how we grow the mabl test automation platform so that quality engineering is possible for teams of all sizes, skills, and goals. Every single time a customer shares their feedback, celebrates their success, or requests a new feature, they help our team make progress on that mission. 

At our second annual mabl Experience event, which took place last month, we were fortunate to be able to spotlight industry leaders - and mabl customers - like Chewy, SmugMug, Stack Overflow, Charles Schwab, and many others as they discussed their experiences with test automation, DevOps, and quality engineering. The event attracted over 700 attendees from 26 countries and covered everything from integrating  automated testing into CI/CD to building a successful QA career to maintaining excellent test coverage. It was an unforgettable two-day event that we will look forward to every year from now on.

Proud of the mabl team

One of the great things about this company and team is the inclusive, supportive culture that fosters collaboration and innovation. We are proud of this team that has not only endured through months of remote work, but has thrived, strengthening the product, the team, and our users. Whether the Product Management and Engineering team built a new feature, Customer Support and Customer Success found a solution for a Friend of mabl, Sales helped a new company find a new solution, or Marketing educated the industry on new ideas, every mabler played an important role in our success this year. Together, we navigated 2021 with drive, insight, support, and authenticity. 

Happy Thanksgiving

As we welcome new faces to the team, work on solving new challenges, and focus on helping our customers be successful, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. We wish you a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving gathering with their friends and family. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We could not be more excited about what this next trip around the sun has in store for us!