It may be the week after Thanksgiving, but mabl has one more reason to be thankful in 2023: we’ve been named a Top Place to Work and a 2023 DEI Champion by the Boston Globe! Though we’re always honored when our company culture is recognized, this award is particularly special because it prioritizes employee satisfaction in determining winners. 

The Top Places to Work program recognizes the most admired workplaces in Massachusetts, as voted on by the people who know them best—their employees. Winners are determined based on a confidential survey administered by an independent company specializing in employee engagement and retention.Teams are asked about a wide range of topics designed to capture a holistic view of company culture, ranging from the organization’s direction, execution, connection, management, work, pay, benefits, and engagement.

Top companies are selected for their ongoing commitment to adapt to the needs of their teams, whether it’s finding ways for artificial intelligence to improve work, fostering connections for in-person, hybrid, and remote employees, or recognizing individual achievements. As a 2023 winner, mabl is among the elite in nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace.

Adapting Our Culture for Mabler Wellbeing and Inclusion 

Since mabl’s inception in 2017, our core values - support, authenticity, drive, and insight - have actively shaped our work, our culture, and our team. How we live them, however, has evolved in response to mabler needs and preferences, hybrid and remote work, as well as industry and business needs. In support of our commitment to a better workplace, we’ve started (or expanded) several programs:

  • Learning and Development: In partnership with mablers, managers, and our People Operations team, mabl evaluated several platforms for expanded development opportunities across the company. Mablers have the ability to take courses across a variety of disciplines, including communication skills, AI knowledge, and leadership. We also host regular speakers to discuss critical topics like psychological safety, effective feedback, and others as part of company-wide educational events. 
  • Celebrations and Recognition: Mabl makes an effort to recognize personal and professional milestones for all team members through dedicated Slack channels and time on our biweekly company all-hands. Whether it’s a mabler going above and beyond at work, achieving a life milestone, or getting promoted, we take time as a community to celebrate. 
  • AI Experimentation: We’ve leveraged AI since the beginning of mabl, however, to help integrate generative AI into our product, we’ve encouraged our teams to begin testing out popular GenAI tools like ChatGPT, Google PaLM, Duet AI and others across the organization. Mablers even participated in a generative AI hackathon with over 30 other companies, where we won the “most disruptive solution” award.
  • Work/Life Balance: With most mablers working remote or hybrid, our transportation benefit no longer worked for most of the team. To make our benefits more inclusive, we repurposed this program to support mablers outside the office. Our team can use the new work/life benefit to help cover the cost of childcare, petcare, wellness programs, or gym memberships. In addition, we added new monthly perks which encourage mablers to spend social time with one another.

In addition to these formalized programs, mabl fosters an environment for authentic self expression with transparent communication at all levels of the organization, a casual dress code, flexible office arrangements, and a stipend for employees to set up their home office environments.

Championing A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Mabl also joins a special group of Massachusetts-based companies as a 2023 DEI Champion. These organizations were selected based on additional information our team shared as part of the nomination and judging process, which was vetted by the experts at Energage for the Globe. With just 23 companies on the DEI Champions lists, this exclusive award celebrates efforts by dozens of mablers to ensure our culture is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to everyone. 

DEI at mabl is led by our voluntary DEI team, which includes mablers from across the organization and has a dedicated budget to host speakers, educational events, recruiting activities, and other programs to build an authentic and supportive community. The committee also provides feedback on our hiring processes to ensure we’re holding ourselves to the highest standards in DEI. 

Fostering a Collaborative, Supportive, and Authentic Team Culture

We’re honored to be recognized by the Boston Globe as a Top Place to Work for 2023! Thank you to each and every mabler who shared their thoughts as part of the nomination process: your honest, authentic insights are essential for ensuring that mabl is and continues to be a great place to work. 

Mabl is hiring! If you’re ready to join a team that values authenticity, support, drive, and insight, check out our open roles and find your place at mabl.