Mabl was recently recognized by Built In Boston as 2023 Best Place to Work, our third year on the prestigious list. Though I’m always proud to see our company celebrated, this year is particularly meaningful since it signifies how we have scaled our culture through a time of intense growth. 

The More Mablers, The Merrier

Mabl began 2022 with 59 teammates. Today, there are 112 mablers and counting. Our incredibly talented group lives in 10 U.S. states, six countries, and four continents. Though we’re distributed around the world, we’re united in our mission to empower software development teams to adopt quality engineering and build a company culture centered around our core values: authenticity, drive, insight, and support.

Investing in Our Supportive, Inclusive Culture

The Built In awards program evaluates eligible companies based on compensation, benefits, and top concerns for workers like DEI initiatives, remote work, and other people-first programs. Their evaluation process is designed to reflect the changing needs and preferences of people in the technology industry, which is why we’re proud to be a repeat member of their esteemed list. Our third year on Built In Boston’s Best Place to Work is an important milestone that signifies how we have invested in and grown our culture.

Almost doubling the number of mablers in a year has been a massive undertaking that involved everyone on the team. As part of our effort to make mabl a place where people want to work, we hired Arianna Gett to lead our People Operations team and to enable more scalable onboarding. We also formally created a new Employee Experience role for Kate Peterson, who joined mabl in 2021 as our Office Manager. Ari and Kate are joined by Head of Technical Talent John VanderSande and GTM Acquisition Partner Ally Cartwright. 

Together, this team is focused on ensuring every mabler has the best experience possible. They have already improved our interview process, instituted new learning and development resources, and organized a multitude of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events designed to foster community in the mabl team. They have also expanded our mabl Kudos program, which recognizes mablers for their hard work and allows our team to donate to their favorite community organizations. Mablers have more opportunities than ever to grow, give back, and connect, thanks to this all-star People Ops team. 

Infographic showing organizations that mablers have supported through the mabl Kudos program

Committing to Our Core Values

Mabl is fortunate to have a sizable contingent of team members celebrating their six year, five year, and four year anniversaries. This type of retention doesn’t happen by accident. Even as we grow at a breakneck pace, we’re maintaining a focus on the values that unite the team and ensure mabl is a great place to build a career. Those values: drive, insight, support, and authenticity, are fundamental to everything we do. 

A key part of nurturing those values is supporting cross-functional employee groups focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Led by software engineer Lauren Clayberg, the mabl DEI committee has over 30 members from across the organization. The team, which began as an organic effort in early 2019, now has greater financial resources and provides guidance on all aspects of mabl’s culture and regularly organizes company-wide trainings for our team to increase our awareness and effectiveness around DEI. 

Culture As a Growth Engine

From the very beginning, Dan and I understood the importance of building a company culture that supports employee growth and organizational growth. Every year mabl is recognized as a Built In Boston Best Place to Work, the award becomes more significant. It’s a positive sign that mabl is investing in our people, our programs, and our culture in ways that make a meaningful impact on mablers’ careers and growth. I’m honored and proud to see how we’re not just empowering software testers around the world, but our incredibly talented and supportive team. 

If you’re ready to join a fast-growing startup with an award-winning culture, check out mabl’s open roles