The software development landscape is changing fast. DevOps, continuous testing, pipeline automation, new DevOps tools, new software testing tools (AI, anyone?) mean that the industry is in a constant state of flux. But in the midst of all that change are real people - developers, QA professionals, product managers, and more - working to build quality software for their customers.

Bridging the gap between broad trends and the day-to-day best practices is essential for understanding what investments and changes are the most impactful for aspiring DevOps teams. Mabl’s Testing in DevOps Report helps development teams benchmark themselves on their DevOps progress, quality practices, and customer happiness by taking the pulse of these shifts.  

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Exploring the Connection Between DevOps and Testing

Now in its 5th year, the Testing in DevOps Report is the most in-depth look at how software testing impacts DevOps maturity, DORA metrics performance, digital transformation initiatives, and the customer experience. We partner with you, the quality community, to not only understand QA best practices, but the true end-to-end value of software testing. In 2021, we found that high test coverage is one of strongest indicators of happy customers, with 80% of high test coverage teams reporting high customer satisfaction.

In 2022, we discovered that test coverage is closely connected to an organization’s ability to accelerate deployments. Teams with high test coverage were more than 3x as likely to increase deployments by 50 - 100%, a critical advantage when competing for customers

Balancing High-Impact Manual Testing with High-Value Automated Testing 

There’s no question that QA teams are building more comprehensive testing strategies and executing them in less time. To avoid testing bottlenecks, quality leaders are turning to automated testing tools that ensure their teams can adopt continuous testing in DevOps. The Testing in DevOps Report explores what test automation tools make the most impact for high-performing teams and the new frontiers of test automation innovation.

Our previous report found widespread interest in different types of automated testing, but automated API testing ultimately topped QA’s wishlist, followed by automated regression testing and automated end-to-end testing

How have automated testing needs changed with the rise of AI? We’ll find out with the 2024 Testing in DevOps Report. 

AI, Software Testing, and Navigating the Long Road to DevOps Success

Now over a year into the generative AI era, it’s time to take the pulse on testing tools, DevOps success, and the true impact of quality on software development. Make your voice heard by taking mabl’s 5th Testing in DevOps survey. The survey takes less than 9 minutes to complete and respondents will get an exclusive preview of the results.