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As more organizations undergo digital transformation, software testing is taking on an elevated role in improving development processes and helping enterprises win the hearts of digital-first consumers through better user experiences. To help inspire more people uncover their role in software testing, mabl introduced a one-of-a-kind quiz designed to celebrate the many ways you can contribute to this new era of software testing, regardless of role or testing experience. 

A key part of harnessing testing is building a culture of quality that engages everyone in quality engineering, a practice that integrates testing throughout the software development life cycle to improve the product and the customer experience. Like many aspects of digital transformation and DevOps adoption, the process of change is an ongoing challenge. But with the right tools and processes, everyone can contribute to testing and benefit from test data that produces rich insights on product quality and the customer experience. 

Engaging In Software Testing as a Developer, Business User, or Product Owner

Regardless of your role in the organization, testing insights can support a wide range of teams. Software developers can leverage integration tests and API tests to ensure that new features function as expected within the product, while marketing and product teams can harness UI and end-to-end testing to ensure that the product exceeds customer expectations. Customer support teams can also contribute to testing to address any customer issues that arise. Quality engineers unlock the full potential of these tests and teams through coaching, test creation and management, as well as exploratory testing.

Consider What Quality Insights Will Improve Your Work

An effective software testing strategy benefits teams across the SDLC. As you explore new ways to contribute to your organization’s culture of quality, a useful starting point is your own workflows, metrics for success, and pain points. 

Are you a developer tired of finding code errors that take hours (or days) to find and fix right before a feature is supposed to ship? Consider working with your quality assurance team to shift testing to the left. Automated tests can be set up to run automatically in the background on the CLI as soon as you save your work, catching code errors earlier in the development process. Or perhaps you’re one of the 20 million Postman users wondering how to expand your API testing practice. By importing your Postman Collections into mabl, you can integrate existing API tests into end-to-end testing for more accurate testing that captures the impact of your public APIs on product quality and the customer experience.

Add Your Expertise to Software Development Cycles

Development cycles are getting shorter as agile and DevOps mature in the enterprise. Yet the consumer definition of quality is expanding, and customer journeys are becoming more complex. Non-functional attributes like accessibility are just as impactful on customer loyalty as functional attributes. But the expertise on accessibility often lives outside the SDLC, making it hard for customer-focused companies to integrate accessibility testing into accelerating development cycles. 

If you’re an accessibility lead or UX designer with an understanding of accessibility standards, you can start scaling your expertise and helping your team build more inclusive customer experiences with low-code accessibility checks. Using an intuitive low-code testing platform, automated accessibility checks become a collaborative part of your team’s DevOps pipeline, amplifying your UX and accessibility expertise.

Embrace Low-Code for Speed and Simplicity in Test Automation

Low-code test automation is one of the fastest ways to start harnessing the power of software testing, regardless of your coding experience. As your organization embraces quality engineering and builds a culture of quality, look for opportunities to contribute to testing as a way to improve development processes and improve the customer experience.

See how your goals and priorities translate to a role in the wild world of software testing with mabl’s quality contributor quiz! Be inspired by your testing personality and discover new ways to support your organization’s culture of quality.