mabl for developers

Less Time Testing, More Time Coding

We know you can create effective E2E tests using open source, but let’s face it, you’d rather be coding than writing tests.

Built on Playwright, Appium, and Postman, mabl gives you confidence that your code is rock solid with a consolidated platform for web, mobile, API, accessibility and performance testing.


Why developers love Mabl


Reliable E2E Tests

Have confidence in dependable E2E tests that span complete web & mobile user journeys. Stay focused and ship code faster.

“We’ve gotten to a point where we have no bugs reported on our front-end, which is huge for our team and for our customers.”

Edward Peterson Principal Engineering Manager

Fast Feedback

Unlimited cloud parallelization delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy to catch and fix regressions faster.

“Mabl easily integrates with our workflows and CI/CD pipelines so developers can run really robust tests without a lot of engineering resources.”

Dale Cook VP of Product Engineering

Code Flexibility

Use the low-code editor or switch to coding to extend mabl or to build reusable snippets that empower your non-coder teammates.

“I appreciate how Mabl provides an easier solution for less experienced QA professionals, yet still allows for highly advanced work using JavaScript."

Vince Mahan Lead QA Engineer

The mabl Advantage

Higher E2E Coverage

Mabl tests traverse the entire user journey including complex elements (shadow DOM, SVGs, drag and drop), plus verifying 2FA, email, and PDF content. 

With mabl, you can consolidate web UI, mobile UI, API, accessibility, and performance tests into one test suite for comprehensive E2E testing that complements what can be achieved with Playwright, Appium, or Postman alone.


Reliability & Auto-Healing

With UI tests built on Playwright and Appium powered by genAI and auto-healing capabilities that rely on multiple AI techniques, mabl eliminates the need for constant updates to xpaths and locators, ensuring high test reliability run after run.


Seamless Workflow Integration

Download the mabl CLI from npm to run tests directly on your workstation for quick feedback. You can also manage applications, environments, and DataTables, download essential test artifacts like screenshots, HAR files, and console logs, or import and export tests.


Fast Feedback for Swift Deployments

Run tests in the cloud with unlimited parallelization for the fastest regression testing time in the market, so you choose when and where to get feedback without slowing you down. And with native integrations for GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure Pipelines, and more, mabl seamlessly fits into your workflow.


Faster Defect Resolution

Fix defects faster with comprehensive diagnostic data (HAR files, DOM snapshot, network logs, and screenshots) for every test step. And with the native Jira integration, shorten feedback loops and MTTR with Jira defects that automatically include all this data and deep links to easily rerun tests.


Extensibility & Version Control

With a user-friendly JS snippet and Appium script editor, easily incorporate code, from scratch or from our public repo, and create reusable libraries for your team. Plus, enjoy better control and collaboration with full versioning support, including branching, diff, and 3-way merge capabilities.


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