We've announced several new capabilities that allow software teams to achieve unparalleled test coverage for their web applications. Using mabl, teams can now validate not only web interactions but also PDF documents, email content, and API calls within their end-to-end tests. Likewise, mabl integrated usage analytics with its solution, helping teams ensure that the most critical journeys within their applications are tested effectively.

“Modern user journeys frequently traverse content. Signing up for a web site can start at a web interface, continue with an email confirmation, and finish back on the web; booking a flight may start with sophisticated web interactions but end with a PDF ticket,” explains Dan Belcher, mabl Co-founder, “we are excited to give teams an easy way to automate testing for these rich scenarios for the first time.”

Please watch the webinar to see a demo on how this has been made easy and reliable with mabl:


mabl’s new release includes five key innovations:

  • mabl Mailbox - Easily validate the content, functionality, and visual correctness of emails that are generated by your application.
  • Application Coverage (with Segment integration) - Identify gaps in test coverage based on analysis of application components and data from real user monitoring.
  • Visual Explorer - Easily review screenshots and visual changes across application journeys and pages.
  • PDF Validation - Easily validate the content, functionality, and visual correctness of PDFs that are generated by your application.
  • API Steps - Interact with APIs as part of your end-to-end journeys without writing any code.

As Forrester states in a recent report, “68% of agile teams include testers in their product teams and 38% of development teams now measure success and status by quality - the number of defects fixed, defect density, and test coverage.” mabl's latest innovations enable more teams to improve these success metrics and are already being used by leading firms to do so:

Vincent Esquilin, Manager of Automation and Performance Engineering, Jetblue “My team has been using mabl for the past few months and we’re impressed with the ease of use and how quickly the team is launching new features.  The new release including API steps and mabl Mailbox will be very beneficial to our testing process.” 

Andy Kucharski, Senior Quality Engineer, ADP  “PDF testing is an awesome feature. It allows me to test into a layer which I had not previously had access to, and in doing so, allows me to add confidence around an important area of the end user experience. In addition, it’s very easy to use!”

Don Peirce, QA Manager, World Vision  “I took the API steps feature for whirl, and very quickly was able to automate one full set of our APIs including the Drupal admin interface of the instance hosting them.  I really like having all the tests (including functional and API) in one place as we currently have our API tests in Postman. The feature is pretty slick.”

mabl Partner Quote:

Calvin French-Owen, CTO, Segment   “Earlier this year, we launched the Segment Developer Center to help leading technology partners—like mabl—integrate with Segment to unlock new use cases and rich experiences for our joint customers. Now, our mutual customers can accurately see which of their digital assets are being tested using mabl's automated testing platform, powered by Segment data.” 

These test automation capabilities are immediately available to all mabl trial users and to customers based on their package as described on mabl.com/pricing. If you’d like to add these features to your account, please contact us at inquiry@mabl.com  

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