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AI-Native Test Automation: It's In Our DNA

mabl is not just another test automation platform that tacked on AI features: we were born and bred on AI. From day one, our founding team included AI scientists who believed in AI's potential to transform software testing. Since 2017, we've invested heavily in leveraging AI to empower software testers, build reliable tests, and elevate user experiences. It's this unwavering commitment to AI that led to mabl being recognized as a leader in AI-powered software testing by Gartner and a 5x winner of the AI Breakthrough Award for Engineering Solutions. mabl isn't just AI-powered, it's AI-native.


mabl's Core AI Principles

Our approach to AI in software quality centers on empowering teams, not replacing them. We operate under the following principles:

  • Augmentation, Not Replacement: We build AI to handle the grunt work, amplifying human insight and giving you superpowers. Reliable, resilient automated tests mean you can trust the results and focus on what matters.
  • Quality > Quantity: A thousand flaky tests are useless. We give you smarter test automation, helping you build a rock-solid core of tests you can trust. Achieve higher quality with less work.
  • AI for Better UX. Period: We use AI strategically, not just for the sake of it. From expert systems to generative AI, we leverage the right AI for the task, ensuring your user experience is always the priority.
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Multiple AI Techniques for
Maximum Testing Impact

mabl's unique approach combines the strengths of machine learning, expert systems, and generative AI (including LLMs) to create a remarkably intelligent and adaptable testing platform.


Proven Success with Industry Leaders

Dale Cook
VP of Product Engineering

“Mabl easily integrates with our workflows and CI/CD pipelines so that developers can run really robust tests without using a lot of engineering resources.”

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Adeeb Valiulla
Head of Product Quality Assurance

"We went from 10% to 95% test automation coverage with 3 QAs and 5 developers. Our team is working with greater confidence and our customers are even happier."

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Janet Bracewell
Senior Engineering Manager, QA

"Mabl allows our team to focus on improving our product and user experience. The fast, consistent execution has been instrumental in showing the value of testing."

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Samar Khan
VP Software Development and DevOps

"Using traditional automation tools like Selenium would have taken 2 years and $240K to accomplish what ITS did with mabl in just 4 months at 80% cost savings."

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Gary Gann
VP and Domain Owner for Loss Sensitive IT

"Mabl lets us accomplish in hours what we used to do in 2 weeks. Our team is increasing velocity with higher quality and providing more value to the business."

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Aniket Sonwalker
QA Manager for R&D

“My team started using mabl effectively in 6 weeks versus months with a traditional tool. They can easily maintain tests and our output has doubled as a result.”

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Meghan Elledge
Director of Engineering

“It’s about using automation to let people do their best work. Mabl helps more of our people play an active role in testing and think about higher value things.”

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Pradgnya Kulkarni
Director of QA Engineering

“With mabl, my team can scale testing when we need it most. We can run as many tests as needed in parallel without worrying about managing infrastructure.”

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