End-to-end Automation at Scale

Testing end-to-end user scenarios is challenging, yet more important than ever due to increased complexity, variety and importance of user interfaces. Delivering a quality user experience requires taking a holistic view of the end-to-end user journey, which can span across applications, browsers, devices and different modes of interaction such as touch and voice.

In this webinar, we will explore different ways mabl can help you create intelligent end-to-end tests that focus on the user journey and run at scale across browsers. No scripting necessary.

Learning outcomes:

  • Why we need to shift from quality assurance to quality intelligence
  • How to create intelligent tests quickly to increase coverage
  • What diagnostics information is available for root-cause analysis
  • When and how to reuse a set of steps across multiple tests
  • When and how to apply data-driven (parameterized) testing approach

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