Next week marks the start of 2023, another year of opportunities to improve quality, elevate testing, and enable digital transformation across the enterprise. Whether you’re starting 2023 with a bang or easing into a fresh set of priorities, you and your team are likely setting long-term goals for your quality engineering practice. It’s a valuable time to think critically and ambitiously about what quality means for your organization, and how software testing can unlock faster development and better customer experiences. 

No matter what your 2023 goals are, mabl has resources to help you plan, implement, and scale quality engineering in your organization. 

Quality Engineering As the Cornerstone of Transformation 

2022 saw leading enterprises harness testing as the foundation for digital transformation. Whether it was cloud migration, embracing continuous deployment, or introducing new digital experiences to users, quality teams around the world are playing a critical role in enabling their organizations to move faster with confidence. Explore how real-world quality teams are making testing the cornerstone of their organizations’ digital transformations and discover strategies that will help you elevate quality in your own role. 

Automating Pipelines and Adopting CI/CD

The 2022 Testing in DevOps Report revealed that teams with highly automated pipelines are more agile and have higher customer satisfaction. Regardless of how many workflows your team has automated, mabl has best practices to help you implement and scale automation throughout the SDLC.

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Continuous Testing and Improving Testing Collaboration 

The earlier a bug is caught in the software development process, the easier it is to fix. When testing is a collaborative effort, quality becomes a first-class citizen. Developers and QA benefit from smoother deployments, while users enjoy smoother experiences. 

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Connecting Software Testing to the Customer Experience

Quality engineers are elevating testing and growing their impact by connecting their work to the customer experience. Though customer journeys are only becoming more complex across different browsers, integrations, and accessibility needs, test automation is helping quality engineers ensure a smooth user experience that helps their organizations build customer loyalty. 

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Maintain Momentum With the Quality Engineering Community

No matter what your quality engineering goals are in 2023, it’s easier to stay motivated with a community of your peers. Stay tuned for updates from the mabl team on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to hear about upcoming events, meetups, and learning opportunities. 

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