In today’s markets, the success of an application or feature is closely tied to the quality of the user experience. To remain competitive, software development teams are adopting Quality Engineering in tandem with DevOps to accelerate product velocity without compromising quality. But regardless of a team’s size or industry experience, rapidly adopting agile and DevOps principles is challenging, especially for quality teams taking on a wider-ranging role that encompasses improving the software development process, managing testing strategy, and supporting delightful customer experiences. A clear QE roadmap that aligns systems, processes, and people is critical to successfully transforming the software development life cycle for both speed and quality. 

Understandably, most software testing and quality assurance professionals rarely have the time to think about their long-term quality strategy or their own career goals. In a field that’s changing rapidly, the time to think about next week, nevermind next year, feels like a luxury. But without a dedicated space to commit to QE goals, major opportunities like DevOps adoption will ultimately be missed opportunities for testing teams and the overall business. 

Build Your Quality Engineering Roadmap

Experience 2021 is the virtual place for the software quality community to build their QE roadmap together. Quality professionals will be able to hear from a diverse range of industry leaders like Charles Schwab, Chewy, BitSight, and Atlassian, join discussion groups to share knowledge with each other, and dive into the latest testing strategies with mabl experts. Regardless of where they are in their quality engineering transformation journey, Experience attendees will find resources to help them build their roadmap to quality engineering, grow their career, and contribute to the future of software quality. 

Discover Inspiration and Insights 

The first step of any road trip is determining the destination. On Day One, mabl co-founder Dan Belcher will join Atlassian Senior Product Managers Erika Sa and Gareth Wham for a discussion on how quality engineering is at the heart of transforming software development. Their keynote will set the stage for maximizing the potential of quality engineering and software testing, capture the major trends transforming the field, and help attendees imagine new goals for their own quality teams. 

With the future of quality in mind, Experience participants have the opportunity to learn from software testing leaders on how they successfully transformed their own organizations. After all, transitioning from QA to QE is a team sport. While technical expertise is important, creating a culture of quality within an organization necessitates communication, empathy, dedication to mission, and a thorough understanding of the end-user’s needs. Distinguished speakers from Barracuda, Charles Schwab, Chewy, and more will provide real-world examples, practical advice, and best practices that can be applied to QE journeys at all stages. Participants will learn the signs, routes, and directions that build a useful QE roadmap for companies of all sizes. 

Learn the Latest in Test Automation

With a destination and directions in mind, the second day of mabl Experience is all about embracing technology to accelerate software testing to support the quality engineering journey. Cybersecurity ratings platform BitSight will present an in-depth session on how their team integrated automated testing into CI environments, and ecommerce giant Chewy will explore how they scaled testing to match record-setting growth. 

At mabl Labs, attendees will discover how to optimize their mabl workspace in real time by collaborating with our in-house experts. They'll also get a deep dive into mabl’s rapidly growing range of features and how to leverage critical data that can be accessed in minutes. Learning sessions will be small and designed for active participation from attendees so that mabl users from all stages of the quality engineering transformation can learn from each other. 

Community + Collaboration = Better Quality for All

Quality professionals are the cornerstone of the new, quality-centered era of software development. The field is rapidly changing, yet many quality teams don’t have the time to collaborate with the larger QA and QE community since they’re focused on improving product velocity, testing strategy, and the customer experience all at once. Mabl Experience is the destination for anyone and everyone invested in software quality and software testing to celebrate their successes, learn new strategies from teams that have been in their shoes, and find their own path to DevOps and quality engineering. 

To quote one of the many impressive Experience speakers, Andrea Wood, VP Engineering at Barracuda: 

“I’m so excited to be speaking at mabl Experience and share what I’ve learned with my team as we expanded our testing strategy. Being able to share practical knowledge is essential to growing the QA and QE profession.”

Share knowledge, learn new skills, and build your quality engineering roadmap at mabl Experience 2021!