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Digital transformation (DX) is a business and technological shift that seeks to rethink how companies serve their customers. It harnesses the power of technologies such as cloud, automation, and SaaS applications to reimagine how businesses deliver value and stay competitive in the era of digital-first experiences. 

Understandably, digital transformation requires significant time, effort, and investment from all levels of the organization. The sheer breadth and complexity of digital transformation is why less than 30% of these initiatives succeed. Like DevOps, the key factors in a successful adoption are tied to establishing unified goals, creating shared metrics and data sources, as well as shared processes for collaboration. Unless an enterprise can navigate how digital transformation is managed, they’re much more likely to fail. 

Maximizing Technology Investments with Higher Customer Satisfaction

Digital transformation touches every aspect of an organization, including customers. In order to maximize the ROI of DX, software teams need to understand how every new tool or process will affect their users. Adopting quality engineering and further integrating software testing into development pipelines gives teams a safety net for experimenting with new digital transformation initiatives, allowing them to try new tactics and technologies without harming the customer experience. 

Don’t Fail Fast – Innovate Fast 

More agile and automated development pipelines are enabling continuous delivery, where code releases can happen at any time, all the time. That dexterity is extremely valuable when adapting to changing consumer preferences in a digital-first world, but also increases the risk of bugs slipping into production. 

Most organizations are shifting towards CI/CD: mabl’s Testing in DevOps Report found that 75% of teams accelerated deployment velocity in the past year. Yet those doing so most successfully are those who have implemented quality engineering. Deployment-Speed-Change-and-Test-Coverage_mabl-devops-report-2022_17NOV2022 (6)

High test coverage had a strong correlation with faster deployment speeds, illustrating the impact of software testing on continuous delivery adoption. Testing had a similarly powerful impact on pipeline automation: teams with all workflows automated were 7.3 times more likely to have high test coverage. 

Pipeline-Automation-and-Test-Coverage_mabl-devops-report-2022_17NOV2022 (6)With high test coverage, software development organizations are able to achieve two key aspects of digital transformation without sacrificing product quality. Teams can move faster and deliver more value to their customers with confidence. 

Deliver Digital Transformation Benefits to Customers  

Customers see the value of digital transformation in a myriad of ways. Continuous delivery enables development teams to release new features faster, build more personalized customer experiences, and improve quality across the customer journey. These benefits translate to happier customers who are less likely to switch between brands. 

Test-Coverage-and-Customer-Satisfaction_mabl-devops-report-2022_17NOV2022 (5)This impact on customer satisfaction ensures that enterprises see the maximum value from their digital transformation. No matter what efforts organizations make to improve how they build, manage, and deploy new products, the ultimate impact must be felt by their users to result in higher revenue in the long-term. 

Unified Technologies Minimize the Risk of Transformational Change 

Software testing and quality engineering instill confidence in development processes, delivery pipelines, and product quality, even as they undergo digital transformation. Investing in solutions that allow cross-functional teams to collaborate and share knowledge enables development organizations to build a culture of quality that fosters innovation. Developers are more confident, testers are more impactful, customers are happier, and the organization has the momentum to successfully navigate the long road to digital transformation. 

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