mabl for QA

Choose Speed and Quality for Your Application Testing

When operating in a rapid delivery cycle, testing can become a bottleneck. Many teams struggle to keep up with the pace of CI/CD which directly impacts quality assurance of their web applications.

Creating, executing, and maintaining reliable tests is both fast and easy with mabl. This intelligent platform enables QA teams to increase test coverage, speed up development and improve overall application quality.


Quickly create codeless automated tests

mabl provides powerful test automation functionality in an easy-to-use interface. There’s no overhead of learning a new framework or infrastructure to maintain.

Codeless Automation

The mabl Trainer’s modern, highly-intuitive design was built to enable virtually any team member - regardless of their technical ability - to create tests based on key user flows in the application.

User Behavior

Rapid Test Creation

The mabl Trainer records your actions as you click through your web app. In just a few minutes, you can create resilient, automated UI tests based on your user’s experience with your application.

mabl Trainer

Highly Reusable

Take the monotony out of testing by using mabl’s highly reusable features, like flows and datatables, to quickly automate repetitive steps.


Reliable Across Browsers

mabl offers native cross-browser support for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Create each test once and reliably run it across browsers, without flakiness or the need for browser-specific test changes. Plus, users have the ability to run unlimited parallel tests across browsers, enabling fast feedback and infinite scale.

Cross-browser Testing

Automatic Test Generation

Let mabl create some tests for you! The mabl link-crawler autonomously generates tests that cover all reachable paths within your web application. They give you immediate insight into broken links and help you prioritize complex pages.

Link Crawler

Reduce Test Maintenance and Improve Collaboration

mabl’s unified platform empowers everyone on the development team to create, run and maintain reliable tests. With native auto-healing and visual change detection, mabl’s automated tests are highly resilient at any stage of the pipeline.

AI-powered Auto-healing

As your UI evolves with development, mabl’s AI-powered auto-healing evolves the tests along with it. Instead of spending the majority of your time managing and maintaining tests, mabl will help you free up your time for more valuable tasks (like exploratory testing).


Test as a Team

mabl’s unified platform gives QAs, developers and product owners the most reliable solution for end-to-end testing at every stage of the development and delivery workflow. Users can create and run tests right from where they work - locally, through the CLI, in their pipeline, in the mabl app, or even with the API. The result? Overall team efficiency plus rapid release and higher quality output.

Customer Centric-01-2

Customer-centric Tests

Customer experience is today’s competitive battleground. By building your end-to-end tests through the UI, you inherently test the application based on the wants, needs, and challenges of your customers. Establishing a culture of quality with the customer first, will help you build better apps, bring them to market faster, and gain the advantage you need to acquire and keep your customers.

Customer Driven

Bye-bye Brittle Tests, Hello mabl!

Create resilient automated tests that will keep your pipeline moving, and your customers happy.