mabl team

Dan Belcher

co-founder, product guy, ex-Google, Stackdriver co-founder

Izzy Azeri

co-founder, customer guy, ex-Google, Stackdriver co-founder

Michael Bartucca

software engineer, ex-Google

Sergei Makar-Limanov

ML engineer, Stanford Ph.D.

John Barnett

ML engineer, ex-Nokia, MIT alumnus

John Kinnebrew

ML engineer, Vanderbilt Ph.D.

Lisa Crispin

testing advocate, author, donkey whisperer

Stephen Vance

software engineer, ex-Zipcar, Quality Code book author

Tamara Yu

software engineer, MIT alumnus

Joseph Lust

software engineer, full-stack dev, Duke alumnus

James Baldassari

software engineer, real-time systems guru

Geoff Cooney

software engineer, ex-Nokia, MIT alumnus

Ryan Jones

software engineer, ex-Time Inc., full-stack dev

Dani Dewitt

software engineer, front-end ninja

Mike DeCosta

software engineer, integration specialist, hockey player

Jonathan Oexner

back-end Java guy, WPI alum, flexitarian

Shannon Lu

software engineer, Ex Machina fan

Andrew Mendelsohn

software engineer, musician, climber, cook, gamer, Tufts alum

Terry Knowlton

software engineer, homebrewer, Star Wars nerd

Matthew Womer

software engineer, W3C team alumnus

Jay Zipursky

ux designer, recovering software engineer, Canadian

Matthew Stein

customer success guy, former HubSpotter and Onshaper, mountaineer, musician

Anton Hristov

product guy, ex-Telerik, student of life

Edgar Maldonado

product guy, musician, cook, gamer

Sofia Michel

product co-op, corgi enthusiast, burrito fan

Mike Ciulla

marketing lead, dad, experience with dev tools and ML, musician

Chou Yang

product marketer, tiny house enthusiast, INFJ

Darrel Farris

solution architect, polymath, bon vivant

Eric Tatar

media and marketing specialist, ex-marketing co-op, movie fan

Michael Fox

all things sales, Foodie and Wine Connoisseur, ex-Google, ex-Stackdriver

Chris Fevry

test automation specialist, risk taker, adventurer

Preston Betro

test automation specialist, musician, personal trainer, ray of sunshine

Max Magnuson

sales guy, Stanford alum, long distance runner + cyclist

Sam Jung

test automation specialist, food explorer, San Diegan