As organizations continue to test earlier in the development process, having the necessary tools to ensure quality code and maintain velocity is paramount. Integrating testing into your GitHub development workflow presents the opportunity for rapid feedback and quality insights that were not possible before.

mabl’s GitHub integration provides a comprehensive set of tools for testing your builds in real-time. Ensure that code changes do not introduce unanticipated functional or visual UI regressions by running end-to-end tests as part of your GitHub Pull Requests and commit checks.


GitHub Integration


mabl and GitHub enable teams to:

+ Run test checks as part of commits and PRs in GitHub to get early feedback

+ Require that the test check passes before a GitHub PR can be approved and merged

+ Trigger mabl tests when initiating new deployments via GitHub actions

+ View test results directly in GitHub

+ Create GitHub issues automatically based on mabl insights generated during the test run

Value of integrating automated testing into your development workflow


Ship quality code by detecting visual and functional regressions early in the development process


Save time by viewing test results and quality insights from mabl directly in GitHub


Resolve issues quickly and identify regressions by tracking test results based on the GitHub hash

The mabl integration with GitHub helps development teams continuously test new changes made to the codebase. The mabl bot can be found in the GitHub Marketplace for easy setup. The mabl bot is a robust tool that runs mabl tests as a GitHub Check or Action, displays test results for a wide range of deployment events, and offers additional support for GitHub Issues and Workflows.

GitHub Integration 2