Modern software development requires a much shorter time to delivery than it had in the past. While many organizations have adopted CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) pipelines, there are many more transitioning to accommodate shipping code weekly, daily, or even continuously: multiple times a day.

The pace of software releases has never been faster. I’m sure you have one or several pending software updates on your devices serving as a testament to that. However, with an increase in speed, testing becomes a bottleneck, which directly impacts quality. Many development teams can abashedly attest that when push comes to shove, thorough testing will fall by the wayside. As a result, “fail fast and fix fast” has become one of the leading mantras in the tech world which has been, unfortunately, at the expense of the customer experience.

But this no longer has to be the case. Continuous integration and delivery can and should incorporate thorough testing. When CI/CD and intelligent automated testing are tightly integrated, rapid release cycles can scale without sacrificing application quality and the user experience. 

mabl’s Bitbucket Pipe for Integrating Automated Testing into CI/CD

Together, mabl and Atlassian give you integrated automated testing in CI/CD that’s easy to implement and maintain, with tests that are reliable and effective. Atlassian’s Bitbucket Pipelines enables continuous integration and delivery in Bitbucket Cloud, empowering teams to build, test, and deploy their code within Bitbucket. mabl’s Bitbucket Pipe is a native integration that allows users to tightly integrate automated testing into CI/CD. This integration with Pipelines provides the ease of a native plugin, but with an innate ability to customize complex workflows. 

Seamlessly, you can run intelligent UI tests on every build that checks for functional regressions, and gather other qualitative insights such as unexpected visual changes in the UI and performance slowdowns. With mabl’s limitless parallel test execution, entire test suites can run in the time it takes the longest test to run - minutes. That means no more restricting builds to run overnight; you can run end-to-end tests any time of day without halting productivity.

Take it from one of our customers who is already taking advantage of the mabl Bitbucket Pipe to run mabl test suites when they build at least 6 times a day! Joe Wong, Engineering Manager at Building Engines, and his team currently use Jira, another Atlassian product, to track issues and Bitbucket Pipelines for CI/CD. They trigger a mabl Pipe workflow whenever they deploy code to their development environments, which runs a set of mabl smoke and regression tests. When an issue is found, the development team addresses it early on without the mental drain of context switching, and most importantly, before it reaches customers. Once the development team gets the green light, the code is promoted and the team keeps developing. 

Adding a mabl Pipe to their Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline gives Building Engines the ability to test earlier in the development process without disrupting the development workflow. With mabl and Bitbucket, now every team can realize the true potential of CI/CD - innovation at speed without the disruption of production bugs. 

Learn more about the mabl Bitbucket Pipelines integration with this quick video: