One of the core pillars of mabl - and the future of quality engineering - is our dedicated user community, also known as the Friends of mabl. Each and every customer plays a critical role in improving and growing our intelligent test automation platform so that we continue to be the best solution for software testers and quality-centric software teams. 

The Friends of mabl are software innovators, quality advocates, and change agents. The entire mabl team is continually inspired by the transformations being led by our users as they expand their use of intelligent automated testing. Their energy and enthusiasm inspire us every day, especially in growing markets like Japan. 

Two Years, 1500 Community Members, and a Piece of Cake

Mabl Japan has grown exponentially since our first customer, Piece of Cake, joined the Friends of mabl community in 2019. Though mabl had very little presence in the country at the time, the community grew to 650 members by March 2021. That number has continued to grow rapidly this year, now reaching nearly 1500 members in Japan. Revenue growth for mabl in Japan has also increased over 300% this year, representing 10% of our global revenue.

Growing the mabl Japan team

The enthusiasm and demand for intelligent, low-code test automation has far exceeded our expectations and we’re proud to announce that we’ve grown the mabl Japan team in response. Jun Fujita recently joined as our new Enterprise Sales Executive in Japan. Mr. Fujita brings two decades of experience in the technology industry, with time as country manager at prominent companies like Auth0, Elastic and GitHub. His experience and expertise will serve new and current customers alike as they start their Quality Engineering journey. 

He joins Dai Fujihara, who will lead mabl Japan as the Customer Success Manager. Mr. Fujihara has been with mabl since early 2021 and has already built strong relationships with customers like Aperza, Ubie, Inc., and M3. As a respected digital transformation and Agile consultant, Mr. Fujihara has helped establish mabl as the test automation and quality engineering partner for Japanese technology leaders over the past year. 

Expanding the mabl Japan footprint

Few things are more important than having the right people in your corner. As the Friends of mabl Japan community has grown, so has our trusted network of regional partners to help support our continued growth and momentum. The mabl reseller network now includes DIGITAL HEARTS, the experts in QA and software testing,  and TechVan, a respected IT solutions provider. 

In 2020, mabl welcomed Presidio Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Sumitomo Corporation, as a strategic investor. That partnership has continued to grow in 2021 with the recent addition of Sumitomo Corporation subsidiary SCSK Corporation as a mabl customer. Other new and notable customers in Japan include: NEC Corporation, Money Forward, Inc., Tokio Marine & Nichido Systems, M3, Inc., Ubie, Inc., and Relic, Inc.

Building a Global Community of Quality Engineers

Quality software knows no boundaries. The customer experience is becoming the make-or-break factor across all industries, including formerly sticky businesses like banking, healthcare, and enterprise technology. Quality engineering has emerged to not only ensure that software meets the necessary performance and functionality standards, but validate the entire user experience to exceed customer expectations. To meet these demands, QA teams all over the world need platforms that allow them to test more thoroughly and maximize their time. We’re thrilled with the momentum and support of our Japanese community, partners and users this year. Their enthusiasm, energy, and support continues to inspire us to build the best low-code test automation solution possible, and we’re incredibly excited to continue growing alongside this community.