Today we are thrilled to announce that we’re embarking on Chapter 2 of the mabl story. Over the last few months our team has been busy executing on a vision to expand the mabl platform with new features and integrations that help software development teams integrate automated end-to-end testing across the development workflow. 

It’s no secret that investing in quality earlier in the development lifecyle reduces bugs, improves product quality and ultimately leads to happier customers. Unfortunately, the complexity of testing early in that process - and lack of seamless solutions - has inhibited teams from building a culture of quality throughout the development organization.

Until now.

Shift Left Testing

Testing early and often, starting where the first line of code is written, is the key to ensuring application quality and improving team efficiency. When code is tested every step of the way teams can minimize interruptions from bug fixes and focus on higher value feature work. Mabl today has announced the availability of native shift-left features that help automate testing early on including:

  • Headless Local Runner: rapidly run tests and debug issues on a local machine without interrupting the developer workflow.
  • Branching: make isolated changes to mabl tests without affecting master versions.
  • Mabl CLI: easily manage and run tests instantly from the command line, saving time and giving maximum control over the work.

Intelligent Pipelines

In order to maximize quality and velocity, mabl surfaces insights from testing wherever relevant decisions are made around your releases. Recently, we’ve added several new integrations to surface test data in the right context to help people and systems make better decisions. For example:

  • GitHub: The new mabl app for GitHub helps ensure code changes do not introduce unanticipated functional or visual UI regressions by running end-to-end tests as part of GitHub Pull Requests and commit checks. The mabl GitHub Action allows you to automatically trigger mabl tests as part of a GitHub workflow, and incorporate those results into additional stages in your workflow.
  • Bitbucket: Mabl’s Bitbucket Pipe empowers teams to tightly integrate automated testing into Bitbucket Pipelines; additionally, you can run tests against every code commit and see the results directly within BitBucket pull requests.
  • Bamboo: Mabl’s native integration with Bamboo enables you to take advantage of automated testing directly in your on-premises CI/CD workflow.

Aside from the new integrations, you can now can now freeze tests at given points in time, then pin these versions to a mabl environment with snapshotting. As a result, you can safely deploy code and merge test changes to master in an earlier environment of the CI/CD pipeline while mabl continues to run a previous version of the tests for downstream environments where code changes have yet to be deployed.

Regression and issue tracking

To help improve the overall development process with automated testing, we rounded out the combined value of the new features and integrations with expanded integration with Jira. Many enterprise software teams rely on Jira Server for issue tracking, planning, test case management, and more. We are thrilled to introduce a breakthrough capability that allows you to create and manage issues in Jira based on mabl test results - even if your Jira instance is behind a firewall!

Selenium import

One other notable - really exciting - platform enhancement is the introduction of the new Selenium import tool. We recognize that many teams have likely spent countless hours building tests with Selenium that can’t just be tossed in the throw-away bucket. The Selenium import tool is designed to help your team get a lot more return on that investment by converting your existing Selenium tests to mabl tests. This will allow you to take advantage of mabl’s auto-healing, cloud-based infrastructure, comprehensive test results and unified platform to improve test coverage and efficiency.

We are genuinely excited about each of these improvements, not only because intelligent automated testing is our business, but also because we believe they will help our customers create a culture of quality and deliver better products - faster.

Want to see for yourself how it works? Start your free mabl trial today!