The role of quality assurance and software testing is evolving as DevOps adoption grows and brands are forced to compete on customer experience. As QA leads the shift to quality engineering, the demand for modern test automation solutions built to embed quality testing throughout the development lifecycle is rapidly growing.

Mabl is rising to meet that demand by continuing to innovate on intelligent, low-code test automation. Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability release of the Unified Runner for Chrome. The Unified Runner is the next generation of test automation with mabl, built for faster, more reliable test execution, regardless of how you create, run, or manage your tests.

Improved Consistency Across Cloud and Local Test Runs

Built with a modern framework and by unifying the test logic across the cloud, command-line interface, and desktop app, the Unified Runner offers more reliable and 25% faster text execution (on average). It gives you more freedom to select the test execution method that meets your needs by ensuring that cloud-based and locally run tests produce the same results every time. Quality engineering teams can confidently shift between the two as needed for fast, data-rich testing that supports continuous improvement.

Reduce False Failures with Intelligent Wait

Every software tester is familiar with spending hours investigating a failed test, only to realize that the failure was caused by a step running before the application had reached a testable state. To save your team time and effort, we have also introduced Intelligent Wait as part of the new Unified Runner.

Intelligent Wait uses machine learning to collect data on your application each time a test is run in the cloud. With every run, mabl learns how long it typically takes for the application to reach an actionable state, which it then uses to determine expected wait before executing a step. Intelligent Wait gives quality engineering teams the confidence to execute more reliable tests, knowing they’re less likely to see false failures.

The Next Generation of Intelligent Test Automation

At mabl, we’re focused on delivering a low-code test automation solution that helps make application testing more efficient and more reliable. The Unified Runner, combined with Intelligent Wait, are a few more ways mabl is empowering quality engineering teams with the confidence to expand automated testing across the DevOps pipelines and accelerate the delivery of the high quality applications their customers expect.

The Unified Runner is now available to all mabl customers, as well as for those enrolled in our free trial.