Women’s Equality Day was established in 1971 to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. That day was a fundamental first step in allowing women to participate in American society as full equals, including in the workplace. 

At mabl, we strive to maintain a company culture where everyone can be their full, authentic selves and be recognized for their contributions. We’re a quickly growing startup, with all the excitement and opportunity that comes with it, and every mabler goes above and beyond to embody our core values: drive, authenticity, insight, support. The women of mabl hold diverse roles across marketing, product, engineering, support, and all of them have done incredible work to build the future of software quality. To celebrate their hard work, wins, and expertise, we asked their team members to share what they admire about their coworkers. 

Celebrating the women of mabl 

They’re engineers, marketers, customer success managers, and product leaders. Thanks to all of the women who made mabl the innovator that it is today! 

Leah Pemberton, Marketing 

I have so much respect for Leah. She has complete ownership and autonomy on our demand generation activities, which is a lot of work, but she still takes the time to check in and make sure that I have what I need to be successful in my role. 

Leah is such an amazing communicator. She is the glue that keeps lines of communication open between sales and marketing.

Tamara Yu, Engineering

I’m regularly inspired by Tamara’s ability to solve complex problems. She listens carefully, processes information quickly, and generates incredible insights.

Tamara is so thoughtful and analytical. When she renders an opinion, it's well worth paying attention. I can only aspire to the same in my own work.

Lauren Clayberg, Engineer

Lauren is a brilliant engineer, but she’s so much more than that. She has less experience in the workforce than many of her peers but you wouldn’t know it working with her.  She’s a subject matter expert on several of our more complex systems. She also reaches outside of her “assigned” role to participate and lead various initiatives - from innovation to diversity, equity, and inclusion, to recruiting and more.

Lauren is an amazing advocate for equity and inclusion. I admire the fact that she once took me aside to give me feedback on a comment that I made and reminded me to be more thoughtful of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives in our company.

Juliette MacPhail, Product

Juliette is incredibly thoughtful. Anything she works on, she takes the time to go deep and understand the issue before forming an opinion or taking action. She takes ownership of the subject matter and wants to understand it completely. I’m inspired -- and humbled -- by Juliette’s attention to detail.

Juliette’s been swimming with the sharks since her college days. She is focused and unflappable. She regularly corrals engineers with 20 years of experience and gets them all aligned to the goal.

Bridget Hughes, Marketing

Something that truly inspires me about Bridget is how passionate and connected she is to the mabl brand and voice. She consistently goes above and beyond to give mabl the proper exposure it deserves throughout countless newsletters, press releases, and blogs. Her in-depth knowledge of our audience and marketplace have been instrumental in helping us improve our overall content quality/strategy. We are truly lucky to have her here at mabl.

Christina Black, Engineering

Christina approaches her work fearlessly, diving deep into gnarly parts of our code base over and over. In just her first month at mabl, she accrued the most releases notes of any engineer, knocking off bugs left and right. Her pensive tenacity is greatly valued.

Anja Alempijevic, Engineering

Anja brings a fresh and unique perspective to the team, which is also influenced by a recent experience moving to the US from a far-away country. Her drive, curiosity paired with a solid foundation in computer science, made it easy to connect with the team. I have seen over and over again that a diverse software team has a fundamentally positive impact on the delivered product as well.

Molly Exten, Customer Support

It's inspiring to see Molly so hungry to learn more about what we do, who we are, and really embracing the culture.  She definitely represents someone who is hungry to learn, grow, and teach others about what we do here.  She hasn't shied away from difficult issues or hard customer interactions, and has come on board and immediately started adding value to the team.

Daniella Fernandes, Marketing

A new player in the software industry, Daniella brings delightful curiosity and humility to every conversation. However, Daniella’s abilities as a veteran business strategist and humanitarian have quickly emerged in her time at mabl; her critical thinking and creative problem-solving has already significantly elevated the Marketing Team. Our company (and industry) is very lucky to have gained her!

Kate Peterson, Operations

It’s just great that Kate has hit the ground running so quickly and is already thinking of all the things that will make the team happy as we get back to the office. Her dedication and focus on others is just remarkable. 

Mary Kate Morrison, Customer Success

Mary Kate has a knack for creating strong relationships externally with clients and internally among our teammates. She’s the glue that holds us together.

I think Tamara, Katie, and Mary Kate are all inspiring in the sense that they bring their whole selves to work--openly sharing their experiences as parents and how they balance their work and family responsibilities. 

Katie Staveley, Marketing

Katie is an amazing team builder and manager. She attracts strong talent and invests in building strong rapport among teammates and cross-functionally. That wall that often exists between sales and marketing doesn’t exist at mabl, and much of that can be attributed to Katie.

I look up to Katie as a mentor and role model. I have so much to learn about marketing from her.  She is an incredibly successful leader who also brings her “whole self” to work and gives us all the space to do the same rather than hiding the fact that we’re also partners, parents, etc.  She also encourages us to take care of ourselves and take time off when needed.

The work continues

We all have a part to play in supporting a diverse, inclusive workforce. Today recognizes an important milestone in women’s equality, but the work continues 365 days per year.