mabl Named a Strong Performer by Forrester


Mabl was named a strong performer in The Forrester WaveTM : Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020.The Forrester WaveTM identifies the 15 most significant continuous functional test automation suites, explains how each provider measures up, and assists software delivery teams in choosing a solution that’s right for their needs.

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How experts see the rapidly changing test automation landscape

Test Automation

Key capabilities of a test automation suite


What differentiates mabl as a Strong Performer in The Forrester WaveTM

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High-velocity software teams rely on mabl

Reliable Tests

Easily create and maintain reliable automated UI tests.

Test Coverage

Increase test coverage across your application from a single platform.

Global Insights

Gain actionable insights from comprehensive test results.


Integrate customer-centric, end-to-end tests throughout your development lifecycle.

Friends of mabl

Justin Basque
Engineering Leader

"mabl helps us get out of the old style of Selenium... and distribute the load of authoring tests to the entire team"

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Saori Egawa
QA Specialist

"We have successfully reduced costs and time by 60%.”

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Gary Gann
VP and Domain Owner for Loss Sensitive IT

"Before mabl, we could scramble and get the vendor to resolve every major issue before it hit production—but just living on the edge like that is just not the way to do things."

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Samar Khan
VP Software Development and DevOps

"Using hiring and traditional automation tools like Selenium, it would have taken two years and $240K to accomplish what mabl helped ITS do in just four months at 80% cost savings.”

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Joe Wong
Engineering Manager

“mabl’s user-friendly interface and intuitive automation tools were vital to promoting QA throughout the organization.”

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Thomas Noë
QA Architect

“mabl enabled us to go from 0% to 90% test coverage in a few short months.”

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Harrison Hunter

“Moving to mabl allowed us to cut direct costs and scale up significantly, resulting in about 70% cost savings.”

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Built for Enterprise Delivery Teams

Learn how ITS leveraged mabl to democratize testing across their non-technical team to increase test coverage and accelerate their CI/CD pipeline. With mabl, ITS was able to:

  • Increase test coverage by 75%
  • Cost savings of 80% over Selenium
  • Released 40% less bugs into production