Easy Automated Testing

Create functional tests for your web app in minutes

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The monitor panel is your main dashboard which shows reports of test execution history, test statuses, and recent insights from your tests.


The test panel shows a list of test execution plans, which define when, and in which environments user journeys are tested.


The train panel shows a list of journeys, which contain steps that describe a user flow in your application.

Run unlimited tests in parallel

Test non-public sites by allowing mabl's static IP addresses or custom host headers.

Test in Chrome & Firefox
(more browsers coming)

It's quick and easy to create tests

mabl's chrome extension runs in your app as you interact with it to record every step of your journey

Include assertions that describe logic that mabl should use to confirm that your application is in a correct state at a specified step in a test run


Include a specified amount of time between two steps in a journey


Search for dynamic elements by CSS selectors or XPATH and add an assertion or click


Define and use dynamic variables in your tests


Replay steps in the journey to verify the steps you’ve defined


Execute JavaScript snippets inside of a trained test and optionally save the result as a variable


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mabl maintains your tests for you

Several identifiers for each step of every test are collected so mabl can adapt to changes in your app. 

Tests auto heal even after robust UI changes

Automatically get regression insights from your tests

Review visual changes

Machine learning models keep track of screenshots taken at every step of your journey to identify important visual changes in static areas of your app.

Identify page load time issues

Test execution and page load time trends are tracked to differentiate between anomalies and significant slowdowns.

Run smoke tests continuously

Default smoke tests are created and run out of the box to establish a baseline, and track the overall health of your app or site. 

Detect JavaScript errors



Verify links


The only ML-driven test automation service that automatically maintains tests and identifies regressions for you. 

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Testing at the speed of DevOps is hard. mabl makes testing fast, easy, and reliable.