Mabl Introduces Performance Testing to Low-Code Test Automation Platform

New API load testing capabilities enable teams to integrate performance testing into delivery cycles for better customer experiences 

BOSTON/Released May 3, 2023 - mabl, the SaaS leader in low-code intelligent test automation, today announced a new load testing offering that enables engineering teams to easily assess how their applications will perform under production load. This new capability is seamlessly integrated into mabl’s SaaS platform, enabling users to maximize the value of existing functional tests, shift performance testing earlier in the development lifecycle, and reduce infrastructure and operations costs.

Many studies have proven the profound relationship between application performance and user satisfaction. One recent study showed that a 1-second delay in page load times can hurt conversions by up to 7%. Another highlighted that poor experience can permanently dissuade users from becoming customers in the long term, as 45% of consumers leave slow websites with a bad impression of the business. Yet just 6% of development teams are fully satisfied with their performance testing capabilities. Historically, most performance testing strategies have required specialized tooling, dedicated infrastructure, and significant configuration maintenance time, preventing most teams from catching performance issues before they impact users.

“Many teams struggle to understand how their backend and API changes will respond under load before releasing to production,” says mabl co-founder Dan Belcher. “This is a major milestone on our journey to transform performance testing, and we’re excited to empower more teams to identify bottlenecks before their users are impacted.”

Mabl’s ease-of-use and adaptability break down the silo between performance experts, quality teams, and developers so that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of application performance earlier in the development cycle. The new API load testing capabilities enable teams to unify functional and non-functional testing by leveraging functional API tests for performance and importing Postman Collections for faster test creation.

Performance testing in mabl significantly lowers the barrier to a sustainable, collaborative performance testing practice, even for teams without performance testers and dedicated performance testing tools. Mabl’s performance tests complement UI and API tests, and can be configured to run alongside functional tests on demand, on a schedule, or as part of CI/CD pipelines. Development teams can harness this holistic look into functional and non-functional quality to build better software faster and with greater confidence.

About mabl:

mabl is the enterprise SaaS leader of intelligent, low-code test automation that empowers high-velocity software teams to embed automated end-to-end tests into the entire development lifecycle. mabl customers benefit from a unified platform for easily creating, executing, and maintaining reliable browser, API and mobile web tests that result in faster delivery of high-quality, business critical applications. That’s why customer-centric brands like Charles Schwab, jetBlue, Dollar Shave Club, Stack Overflow, and many others rely on mabl to create the digital experiences their customers demand. Learn more at; follow @mablhq on Twitter and @mabl on LinkedIn.