Every adventure starts with an excellent user journey

Reservation confirmations, tickets for a flight, and room and boarding details are all essential pieces of your customers' experience with your travel and hospitality services. mabl makes it easy to test these workflows and many more. 

For example, you can create a test that books a flight >> receives an email confirmation >> clicks a button in the email >> and returns to the web application to view the reservation.

Making sure emails contain correct content is one of the most important concerns your tests address. mabl Mailbox makes this easy by giving teams the power to automate sending and receiving emails via mabl's hosted email server. 

Travel And Leisure


“My team has been using mabl for the past few months and we’re impressed by the ease of use and how quickly the team is launching new features. The new release including API steps and mabl Mailbox will be very beneficial to our testing process.”

Vincent Esquilin, Manager of Automation and Performance Engineering, Jetblue  


Complex Apps

Simplify testing your complex sites

Travel and hospitality sites are complex. They often contain forms that display custom selections based on geographical region and result sets that reflect real-time availability. These user journeys are complex and challenging to test.

With mabl, teams can easily train complex form validation tests that may call for JavaScript, API calls, or generating simulated credentials for use in signup workflows. For example, you can use API calls to validate that information shown in the UI is in parity with the database.