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For financial services applications, it's essential that users can successfully and easily access the services they need, and view or receive notifications and alerts. Testing this user journey, which can involve many different parts of an application including emails and PDF downloads, has traditionally required many hours of manual testing which can slow down work on important aspects of your apps.

mabl makes it possible for any team member - even someone with no coding knowledge - to test end-to-end user journeys and check for visual and functional regressions that can become obstacles to your users.

On top of these core functions, mabl is the first and only automated testing platform that gives teams the power to automatically validate text and contents of PDF documents, ensuring that data sent to the user, whether it be trade confirmations, statements or monthly performance reports, matches the intended output.  Leaders in the financial services industry depend on mabl for automated UI testing.  

Financial Services


“PDF testing is an awesome feature. It allows me to test into a layer which I had not previously had access to, and in doing so, allows me to add confidence around an important area of the end user experience. In addition, it’s very easy to use!”

Andy Kucharski, Senior Quality Engineer, ADP


Test Scheduling


Simplifying continuous end to end testing

Financial services and banking sites are faced with the challenge of having to maintain superb user experiences and services that must be running 24/7. Teams using mabl are able to do this successfully with scheduled, automated tests which continuously ensure their sites' health. mabl can send alerts through Slack, email, web hooks, and CI/CD integrations, meaning any discrepancies can be detected and sent directly to the team’s preferred alert channels.