Make sure the user journey up to and after a purchase is smooth

With mabl, testing is as simple as mimicking the journeys customers take through an application and adding additional steps for more complex testing like checking APIs, PDF downloads, or emails whenever they’re needed. On top of the results from these tests, mabl also provides additional analysis and test feedback with automated visual change detection and auto healing to keep track of applications as they update or change. These features are especially useful for end to end tests designed to look at user journeys that involve an end goal like a purchase, since mabl gets a full look at the application from start to finish and has plenty of data to get helpful insights from.

For ecommerce sites, the ability for customers to reliably purchase and receive their products is paramount to their business model and online reputation. Testing this process requires making sure the many different aspects that encompass it, from the UI and forms the customers interact with to the email confirmations they receive, are all working, simple to view and use, and contain the correct information. Using mabl, ecommerce teams are able to test all these aspects using a single comprehensive platform.



"The fact that I could see where [the test] was failing, and go in and edit it, and then rerun it within less than five minutes was amazing.”

Anna Bilek, Web Quality Assurance Analyst, Silver Star Brands


Maintain automated testing through product updates or fashion season changes with auto-healing

When faced with UI changes to an application, mabl will run any test trained on the previous UI and attempt to find a new path through the test using the changed elements that correspond to the originals whenever it encounters a change. If this “auto heal” succeeds and is accepted by the team, the test will be automatically updated with the new steps and any future test runs will use this new test version.

Ecommerce teams whose sites are constantly changing will find that the need to constantly retrain tests with every deployment is dramatically reduced when using mabl. Whether the team updates the site with new ads, adds a set of new items, or reorganizes the shopping navigation, mabl will always be working to make the original test remains as effective as possible on any version of the site.