Mabl Enables Quality Engineering Teams to Improve Test Coverage with Shadow DOM Support

High-velocity software teams can now easily automate end-to-end testing of complex applications that include Shadow DOM components

Released July 19, 2022 - mabl, the SaaS leader for intelligent test automation, has announced the addition of Shadow DOM support as the latest enhancement to its unified platform for quality engineering. The new capability enables users to extend functional UI testing and improve test coverage across complex user journeys that include isolated web components and third-party apps like Salesforce. 

The rise of web components, which are becoming popular as an antidote to large, sprawling browser applications that are difficult to maintain, have made it possible for development teams to accelerate product velocity and embed more functionality in web pages. But testing applications that include web components adds a layer of complexity to automated testing. With mabl, quality engineers can create and run tests that include Salesforce applications and other third-party integrations with the same low-code interface they already know and love. 

“Quality engineering teams need testing solutions that match the demands of modern software development,” said mabl Head of Product Management Gevorg Hovsepyan. “With Shadow DOM support, mabl users can expand test coverage across all components of their application and customer journey for unified quality.”  

Mabl’s test automation platform transforms Shadow DOM testing from a time-intensive, high maintenance process into a simple, intuitive exercise with intelligent, low-code record and playback that searches the entire DOM to locate elements automatically. As the product evolves, tests incorporating Shadow DOM elements are automatically updated with auto-heal, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to manage automated tests. Quality teams can improve test coverage and more accurately measure quality across critical customer journeys. 

Shadow DOM support is now available to all customers and those enrolled in a 14 day free trial. Quality teams can harness the power of low-code intelligent test automation to embrace data-driven testing, integrate quality engineering into their DevOps pipelines, and ensure a positive user experience across all aspects of the user journey and manage quality cohesively across isolated web components.