Visual Application Testing

Identify important visual changes in your app

Catch unexpected changes in your application UI

Using the visual explorer, any member of your team can quickly browse screenshots from all journey runs to detect important visual regressions that typically slip through the cracks. Teams also use the explorer to validate expected visual changes and perform exploratory visual testing.

For example, want to see screenshots for a given URL path and date? Just apply a filter.


Side-by-side screenshot comparisons

Baseline screenshots captured from previous test runs are displayed next to screenshots from the latest test run. Visual changes are labeled as warnings in the test output so you can quickly filter for them. Changes are highlighted with bounding boxes for easy review.


Visual Explorer

  • Compare versions of your application step by step in mabl.
  • Create your own visual baseline to compare your app's current state against.
  • Quickly find visual regressions on any URL in your application.
  • See DOM Snapshots and HAR Captures of your application.
Visual Changes

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