As teams become more deeply integrated in the DevOps lifecycle, they find that quality becomes a bottleneck to reaping its full benefits. Traditional QA practices of waiting until post-merge for functional testing are not cutting it in this new era of lightning fast development. Teams are finding that, in order to solve issues before they become difficult and time-consuming to fix, they need to test earlier and more often.

Learn how to implement E2E testing at the earliest stages of development: from initial code build, to proposed changes in a branch, to ephemeral environments and merge to master. This practice optimizes DevOps software development teams by enabling them to solve issues earlier, proactively update tests (so they don’t break later) and become even more productive.

Join Joe Lust, software engineer at mabl, to hear how the mabl team puts these ideas into practice every day and how it has benefited his team and product. Additionally , you will learn about:

  • Impact of DevOps on testing
  • Benefits of testing earlier in development
  • Best practices of how mabl does this at mabl