Embarking on a quest for quality can be treacherous in the complex world of test automation. Evolving requirements, development bottlenecks, and varying team constraints can seem overwhelming, especially for QA teams relying mostly on hands-on testing. But nothing makes a quest easier than a roadmap created with the wisdom of other quality heroes.

Join SmugMug's intrepid heroes – Senior Engineering Manager Janet Bracewell, Staff QE / Manager Chris Skopec, and Android Developer Devin Corrigall – on their epic quest for quality. They’ll explore how they went from testing their website and mobile apps by hand to hundreds of automated test cases, overcame the beast of test maintenance, joined forces with developers to conquer their testing goals, and unleashed the power of CI/CD. Hear about their trials, tribulations, and triumphs with test automation in this thrilling tale - and learn how to battle your own quality challenges in the process!