Here is your amazing web app. It is always evolving to accommodate ever-changing technologies and user behaviors. In fact, with the adoption of modern development practices, your team probably deploys independent updates and feature releases to your app faster than ever before. Woo!

However, this rapid delivery poses a challenge to traditional testing workflows. If you thoroughly test all of your changes before deployment, QA becomes a bottleneck to timely releases. If you limit testing scope to hit a release date, bugs enter production and your users suffer. To build a high-quality app with modern release velocity, you need a proactive, customer-focused testing strategy. 

This approach to QA is emerging in the industry as “quality engineering”, or “QE”. It means focusing on every aspect of your customer’s experience across the SDLC, including non-functional elements like UX, performance, and accessibility. Every team member creates and runs automated tests at every stage of development, across every affected user journey. By adopting QE, your team addresses issues early and often, preventing deployment bottlenecks and regressions.

Unfortunately, the shift to QE is not achievable with legacy testing solutions, nor modern developer-focused frameworks; they require too much time, proprietary knowledge, and maintenance for widespread adoption across your entire product team. So, how do you invest in QE at your organization while maintaining release velocity? Mabl. That’s how.

Mabl is intelligent, low-code test automation for web apps. With an intuitive, unified SaaS platform, your entire team will easily author, review and report on automated functional and non-functional tests across browsers, devices, APIs and more. Our award-winning support team also offers live chat, training, and even technical account managers to ensure your success. By using mabl to expand your test coverage and frequency across the SDLC, your team will maintain a much higher quality standard and release velocity for your evolving app. This shifts the QA conversation from an endless bug hunt to a true culture of quality.

Elevate your app quality, while building at DevOps speed. Start your free mabl trial and experience the future of Quality Engineering.