Accessibility is a rapidly growing concern for software development teams, not only due to compliance and legal reasons, but also due to the desire to deliver delightful digital experiences to ALL their customers - including the estimated 15% of the global population that lives with some form of disability. 

The established method for proactively ensuring accessibility - periodic audits of customer-facing products - is nowhere near iterable enough to keep up with DevOps practices. If teams are updating their product on a weekly or daily basis, they need to be able to run accessibility checks at a similar pace.

Mabl’s test automation solution enables your team to embed accessibility tests right within existing end-to-end UI tests, making it easier than ever to identify and resolve accessibility issues far earlier in development, before they impact end users.

Once you find the page or element you want to test, adding an accessibility check to your application or website is as easy as adding the "Accessibility" step type within an existing test.

And the setup is super simple: you can run it against the entire page or a specific element, and decide whether the test should fail based on a specific severity threshold.

You may also tailor to check specific tags or rules that are most relevant to your team, and disable specific rules that don’t apply.

However, what mabl does better than any other solution is the Accessibility Dashboard: 

  • It lets you track accessibility trends over time
  • Aggregates results from all tests in the same workspace, so if an issue impacts multiples pages/elements, it can be tracked as a single issue
  • And most importantly, it can be tailored and shared across multiple stakeholders so everyone is on the same page when it comes to accessibility.

Finally, mabl lets your devs easily run accessibility tests using the mabl CLI and native integrations for popular CI tools, ensuring that new code doesn’t introduce new accessibility issues.

If you want to empower your team to build more inclusive and accessible applications, and improve overall customer experience, try mabl today.