Video Testimonials


ITS VP of product and marketing Brian Tanis and VP software development and DevOps Samar Khan talk about how mabl has helped them increase their test coverage, save money by switching from Selenium, and reduce the number of bugs in production.


CareerBuilder QA architect Ian Oroceo and director of enterprise quality assurance Niko Mangahas describe how they've used mabl to save time, increase test coverage, and enhance their team’s collaboration. With both their maintenance time and costs cut, they've been able to increase the speed of their CI/CD pipeline.

LOB Inc., a Rakuten Group company

[JAPANESE LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES] LOB inc. QA and test automation engineer Koichi Hosono and QA specialist Saori Egawa describe how mabl has enabled their team to automate regression testing, saved them time and money, and reduced their development time from 8 to 3 months.


MaestroQA CTO and co-founder Harrison Hunter and full stack software engineer Sarah Wooten explain how mabl has helped their team have more faith in their deploys.


Thomas Noë, QA architect at Teamleader, goes over how mabl has helped his team cover their business critical paths and reach 90% test coverage.


Data engineer Michael Breault describes how insights from mabl help Runkeeper's engineering team communicate and fix bugs.