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Put your real-user monitoring data to use in your tests

Use data to improve test coverage across your app

For many software companies, your website is the place customers go to learn about and purchase your product. Making sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and free of any broken links and forms are all important to consider when designing your tests.

mabl provides software teams with automated visual change detection, customizable viewport size configuration, and a link crawler that checks for broken links and JavaScript errors to target all these considerations and make UI tests more comprehensive and effective.

Teams with data-rich backends can use API calls their functional end-to-end tests to validate individual responses and assert against response data.

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Calvin French-Owen

“Our mutual customers can accurately see which of their digital assets are being tested using mabl's automated testing platform, powered by Segment data.”

Take advantage of Segment to test your most complex user journeys

Tying customer usage data to your tests was once a difficult task, but with mabl Test Coverage (powered by, you can quickly see where you have gaps in test coverage and how risky those gaps might be.

Understanding the areas your customers frequent in your app is essential to driving insight and focus for your product team.

mabl's link crawler, which scans page complexity, link depth, and other characteristics of your app, works alongside usage data so you can quickly focus on the areas that matter most.

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