Teamleader takes a whole-team approach to testing by integrating automated mabl tests into the entire development lifecycle


Selenium is unstable and untrustworthy. Test creation and maintenance took developers away from feature work.

Test Coverage

Increased test coverage from 0-90%

Test Creation Speed

12X faster test creation


Implemented automated testing throughout the dev lifecycle

TeamLeader is a technology company based out of Ghent, Belgium that enables its 65,000+ users to work smarter and easier. Their simple-to-use software solution is a CRM, project management and invoicing in one handy tool. In order to effectively support its growing base of customers, TeamLeader must put software quality first. The team knows that if bugs or issues hit production, it creates grave problems for their users who rely on TeamLeader’s tools every day, ultimately resulting in bad customer Net Promoter Scores, or worse, customer churn.

In order to keep up with growing customer demand, the engineering team at Teamleader deploys new code to production 6-7 times per day. They soon found that their existing Selenium testing framework could not keep up with this development cycle. Their Selenium tests were unstable, unreliable, and took too much time for developers to create and maintain. Their development team found themselves spending valuable time maintaining brittle tests instead of writing new code.

After evaluating TestIM and mabl, Thomas and team decided that mabl was far more intuitive and much easier to maintain. Thomas Noë, QA Architect, TeamLeader

Driving efficient testing in rapid development lifecycles

Teamleader brought on Thomas Noë as a QA Architect to help improve testing efficiency for rapid development. Thomas decided that, in order to democratize test execution across the whole development cycle while saving their developers’ time, they needed a scriptless test automation tool that both technical and non-technical team members could use. After evaluating TestIM and mabl, Thomas and team decided that mabl was far more intuitive and much easier to maintain. They implemented mabl in Dec 2018 and never looked back.

Since its implementation, mabl has provided a lot of value to Thomas and his team. In the past, Selenium test writing took around 4 hours per test - now with mabl, it only takes 20 minutes! This change allowed him and his team to re-allocate their time to value-add activities like exploratory testing. Plus, their days of brittle and flaky Selenium tests were behind them - mabl’s auto-healing feature helped them maintain their tests automatically and save time. Finally, mabl added scalability and efficiency to their testing practice by enabling tests to run in parallel and execute faster.

Now that we have mabl, our team is more efficient. In the past, it took us around four hours to create a Selenium test. Now, with mabl, test creation takes twenty minutes or less - that’s a big gain. Thomas Noë, QA Architect, TeamLeader

In addition to time, Teamleader also saved money with mabl. Since mabl is a SaaS solution built on top of cutting-edge cloud technologies, they no longer had any testing infrastructure to fund and maintain. Prior to mabl, Thomas and team found that costs to maintain tests could be high due to false positives in Selenium test results. Now with mabl, they are no longer forced to question the reason for a failed test. They rely on the data available in mabl to diagnose and fix issues quickly, which in turn has mitigated the high costs often associated with test maintenance. Finally, since mabl is a scriptless tool, Teamleader no longer has to hire technical QA engineers, a role that can be difficult to find and hire talent for in their region.

mabl tests are stable, trustworthy and the tool is easy to use, enabling the entire team to automatically test throughout the development cycle, enabling Teamleader to go from 0% to 90% test coverage in a few short months.  Thomas Noë, QA Architect, TeamLeader 

mabl nurtures cross-functional team collaboration

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As an intelligent UI test automation solution built for continuous integration, mabl has transformed Teamleader’s test practice by infusing it with collaboration, scale, and trust. Get started with mabl today, and bring your development and test engineering teams together to improve the quality of your applications for your customers.

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